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In Reporting Israeli Strike, the Guardian Adopts Arab Narrative

4 Sivan 5773 – May 12, 2013
Going forward, Guardian reporters would be well advised to keep their opinions firmly within the confines of the Guardian’s op-ed page.

Sounds Israeli: The Fools of Prophecy

27 Iyyar 5773 – May 7, 2013
A raw live version of the Israeli hit 'Ein Ani' performed in front of an IDF unit in 2012.

Sounds Israeli: The Idan Raichel Project

20 Iyyar 5773 – April 30, 2013
Israeli artist Idan Raichel blends African, Latin American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern sounds.

Is the Word ‘Terrorism’ Anti-Muslim?

15 Iyyar 5773 – April 24, 2013
The mantra that terrorism is only used in reference to Muslims has no basis in fact.

Sounds Israeli: Mosh Ben-Ari

14 Iyyar 5773 – April 23, 2013
Israeli artist Moshe Ben-Ari writes music with a blend rock, soul, reggae and world music.

The Guardian’s Continuing Obsession with Mordechai Vanunu

13 Iyyar 5773 – April 22, 2013
Is there really any mystery as to why Vanunu is so admired by the Guardian?

Does the BBC’s New Editor’s Jewishness Matter?

8 Iyyar 5773 – April 17, 2013
The Guardian's report noted that "Harding, who is Jewish, will also have to leave behind the pro-Israeli line of the Times."

Sounds Israeli: Rita

7 Iyyar 5773 – April 16, 2013
Rita's music reportedly became an underground hit on underground radio stations in some Muslim countries, including Iran.

Sounds Israeli: Lina Makhoul Sings ‘Hallelujah’

1 Iyyar 5773 – April 10, 2013
Nineteen year-old Israeli Arab Lina Makhoul won Israel's "The Voice" reality show.

Stop Labeling Judea and Samaria Residents ‘Illegal’

25 Nisan 5773 – April 4, 2013
According to the Associated Press's logic, shouldn't the terms 'illegal settler' and 'illegal settlements' also be put out of commission?

Sounds like Passover: Matzah Dancing in Paris

24 Nisan 5773 – April 3, 2013
Salsa dancing flash mob and music in Paris.

Sounds Israeli: The Angelcy (Video)

11 Nisan 5773 – March 21, 2013
Music video from the Israeli band The Angelcy of their original song, 'My Baby Boy.'

How the British Media Covered Omar Misharawi’s Death

4 Nisan 5773 – March 14, 2013
The damage done by the now iconic image of Misharawi clutching his slain child can not be ameliorated by even the clearest retractions.

The Media and the ‘Palestinian Only’ Bus Lines

26 Adar 5773 – March 7, 2013
Contrary to claims made in the media, there are no ‘Palestinian only’ bus lines.

The Guardian’s Prisoner of the Day

3 Adar 5773 – February 12, 2013
Here’s what a Guardian reader casually glancing at the Palestinian “prisoner” wouldn’t have known.

The Obligation to Avoid Anti-Semitic Behavior

24 Shevat 5773 – February 3, 2013
By comparison, whites who avoid evoking anti-black narratives and imagery in America, by and large don’t bemoan the so-called “restrictions” placed on their artistic or intellectual expression.

How One British Paper Commemorated Int’l Holocaust Memorial Day

18 Shevat 5773 – January 28, 2013
Spare us your Holocaust pieties and consider honoring Jews who are still among the living.

The Foreign Media’s ‘Rightward Shift’ Never Happened

13 Shevat 5773 – January 23, 2013
The Guardian and other foreign media invested heavily in promoting their desired political narrative of a Jewish state lurching dangerously towards the right.

Postcard from Israel: Gamla

12 Shevat 5773 – January 22, 2013
Today, Gamla is a nature reserve and alongside the ancient Jewish town visitors can also see Neolithic dolmens and the ruins of the Byzantine Christian village of Dir Krukh.

Postcard From Israel: Stormy Weather (Photos & Video)

3 Shevat 5773 – January 13, 2013
This short film made by Oz Segev of Ma’ale Gamla last week, shows some of the swollen streams of the south and central Golan Heights which all drain into the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

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