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    Harriet Sherwood Completely Mischaracterizes Iran Sanctions Bill

    The bill (by Senator Robert Menendez, along with 58 co-sponsors) has been accurately described by multiple media sources.

    Locked Up Children: An Example of Anti-Israel Media Bias

    On June 27, Honest Reporting revealed The Independent‘s use of the following photo to illustrate a particularly critical story on the Israeli treatment of Palestinian child detainees.

    Postcard from Israel: Nachlaot

    The picturesque Nachlaot neighbourhood in Jerusalem started out as what we might call today ‘social housing’. From 1875 onwards benefactors such as Moses Montefiore began building new neighbourhoods outside the walls of the Old City to house the growing Jewish population and relieve some of the overcrowding and squalor of the Jewish Quarter. Thus, Nachlaot is in fact a cluster of fused neighbourhoods, with each one originally having a specific ethnic character and its own synagogue.

    Condemning Israelis Democracy, While Serving in Knesset

    The legal impunity Jamal Zahalka will continue to enjoy – the rights of citizenship, and special rights as an MK, afforded him by the very state whose existence he incites against – represents stubborn proof attesting to the continuing vitality of Israeli democracy.

    Israeli Culture Wins at the United Nations

    Many commentators on the far left scolded those who would suggest a connection between culture and success – imputing racism to such arguments.

    Postcard from Israel: Winter Fruits and Flowers

    Winter flowers are already blooming, led of course by the dainty little Persian Cyclamen (Rakefet).

    What Word will be Missing from BBC Report on Sentencing of Hamas Terrorists?

    Despite the BBC reporting the sentencing of Hamas terrorists convicted for murdering 2 Israelis in a planned terror attack, the words 'terror, terrorist or terrorism' do not appear once in the report

    Postcard from Israel: Mount Carmel

    December 2nd will mark two years since the Mount Carmel forest fire disaster in which 44 people died, including members of the Israeli Prison Service,...

    Israel ‘Accused’ of Ensuring Gazan’s Had Proper Nutrition

    The most interesting aspect of the Guardian/AP report on Oct. 17, ‘Israel used calorie count to limit Gaza food during the blockade,' in addition to the extremely misleading headline, is that there is little if anything in the story which demonstrates that Israel did anything improper whatsoever.

    The Myth of Palestinian Prisoner Torture the Guardian Perpetuates

    Such myopic and at times obsessive focus on Israeli culpability is part of a pattern at the Guardian.

    ‘Articles of Faith’: The Absence of Critical Thinking About ‘Settlements’

    Those who insist that the "settlements" represent the biggest obstacle to peace should be asked to explain why their theory doesn't match with the history.

    The Guardian’s Prisoner of the Day

    Here’s what a Guardian reader casually glancing at the Palestinian “prisoner” wouldn’t have known.

    UNRWA Gaza Head Blames Anyone but Hamas

    UNRWA Gaza chief Robert Turner’s “prescription” for saving Gaza’s Palestinians, set out in an article on the Guardian's Comment is Free site, is based on a severe case of historical myopia. For it’s the one word that Mr. Turner neglected to use in his anti-Israel screed that is in fact behind Gaza’s rapidly devolving state: Hamas.

    Arabs Sending Children to Provoke and Be Killed by Israeli Soldiers

    Placing innocent Palestinian children in potentially dangerous situations, cynically hoping for a media coup stemming from any overreaction by IDF soldiers, is indeed shameful. However, such provocations by the Tamimis pale in comparison to an antisemitic Palestinian political culture which consistently sends messages to their youth that martyrdom – dying, or even murdering Israeli Jews, to advance the Palestinian cause – is one of the most important political values they should aspire to.

    The Blood Libel Begins: The Guardian’s Original Reporting on Al Dura

    The Guardian took the hideous claim that the IDF fired mercilessly at a young boy until he was dead at face value, without even a hint of journalistic skepticism.

    The ‘Refugee’ Slated to Win ‘Arab Idol’

    The Palestinian “refugee” swindle is but one of the many political derivatives of the Palestinian narrative which so often passes for serious journalism at the Guardian.

    Sounds Israeli: The Fools of Prophecy

    A raw live version of the Israeli hit 'Ein Ani' performed in front of an IDF unit in 2012.

    Sounds Israeli: Mosh Ben-Ari

    Israeli artist Moshe Ben-Ari writes music with a blend rock, soul, reggae and world music.

    Let’s BDS Turkey!

    Dear friends of the BDS movement, now is your chance to prove that you are not just shills for terrorists and Arab rejectionism.

    Harriet Sherwood Won’t Reveal Shawan Jabarin Terror Ties

    To learn more about the story we contacted Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s legal advisor.

    Ahmadinejad more Popular than Obama? Iranian News Agency Tricked by the Onion

    The satirical news website, The Onion, published a story on shocking poll results, showing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - who is widely viewed with disdain in the U.S - to be more popular than President Barack Obama among rural whites in the U.S. The Iranian FARS News Agency was quick to republish the obviously fake story. When the agency realized its mistakes they claimed that "if a free opinion poll is conducted in the US, a majority of Americans would prefer anyone outside the US political system to President Barack Obama and American statesmen."

    The Media and the ‘Palestinian Only’ Bus Lines

    Contrary to claims made in the media, there are no ‘Palestinian only’ bus lines.

    Guardian Jerusalem Syndrome: Fearing Judaisation of Temple Mount

    The Palestinian Authority is condemning Jews who tour the holy site by suggesting that their visits represent a broader Israeli scheme to “Judaise” it.

    Guardian’s Israel Correspondent Won’t Publish Hamas Brutality

    On March 8, the Guardian published “International Women’s Day highlights hurdles obstructing women," (co-authored by 12 Guardian correspondents, including the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood), on the subjugation of women around the world. Harriet Sherwood not only ignored the egregious violation of womens’ rights in the Palestinian territories, but, instead, devoted 118 words to the alleged injustice meted out to a female Palestinian terrorist affiliated with Islamic Jihad held in an Israeli jail named Hana Shalabi.

    The Press Calls Israel Right-Wing, But Gives a Free Pass to Jordan

    The Guardian’s Jordan page has absolutely nothing warning of the nation’s dangerous lurch to the extreme right abyss.

    Does the Guardian Own a Map? More Claims that E-1 Cuts the ‘West Bank’...

    The Guardian was under no obligation to consult Israel before making allegations, but they could at least consult a map.

    How One British Paper Commemorated Int’l Holocaust Memorial Day

    Spare us your Holocaust pieties and consider honoring Jews who are still among the living.

    Sounds Israeli: Idan Amedi

    Israeli musician Idan Amedi was discovered on the Israeli show Kokhav Nolad.

    Meet Egyptian Activist Maikel Nabil: Pro-democracy and Pro-Israel

    Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil spent over 302 days in prison for criticizing the Egyptian Military after it took power in early 2011.

    Guardian Staff Perplexed by US, UK Support for Israel

    Another ‘anti-Zionist head-exploding’ moment occurred when the U.S. House and Senate overwhelmingly passed non-binding resolutions backing “Israel’s right to self-defense.”


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