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IRS Rushed Satanists Groups’ Tax-Exempt Status But Stalled Conservative Orgs.

So typical of the Obama administration: IRS hurts Conservative, Tea Party, Pro-Life, Pro-Israel and other groups whose political objectives Obama didn’t like…But an after-school devil worshiping program, that gets the VIP treatment.

Tough Beans: Kitnyot on Pesach

Kitniyot, Kitniyot, the controversial legume; for Ashkenazim to eat it is a big ASSUME

Abbas Honors Pigeon That Pooped On Netanyahu’s Motorcade

The defecation took place last week, as Netanyahu’s motorcade made its way through Jerusalem. Bibi has had it tough with birds: Obama compared him to 'chickensh*t' and now this. How FOWL!

Israeli Politics, Polls and Predictions

Bibi is a wily politician and I don't think that Bennett or Lapid will have an easy job unseating him. They'd have to join forces, sort of like the rotation that Labor and Likud tried in 1984

Looks Like UNESCO May Become Even MORE Anti-Israel

UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, who received death threats for denouncing the resolution denying the Jewish/Jerusalem connection, is stepping down. 4 Arabs are on the shortlist of 9 to replace her.

Why Isn’t MSM Reporting Richard Falk’s Hatred Of America, Israel, & Jews May Be...

Falk’s support of false and hateful charges about Jews isn’t limited to his praise of one anti-Semitic book. As UN Watch, Falk’s blog is loaded with “crude anti-Semitic comments”

Is Peace Always the Correct or Humane Answer?

Why do peace activists defend people, ideologies and cultures that are simply evil?

A Thought About Jordan and its Treaty Obligations

Jordan, despite protestations to the contrary, never had a problem giving Tamimi major public platforms giving her 'celebrity-murderer' status. Will Jordan ever honor its treaty obligations to the US?

IDF Reportedly Attacks Syria a Few More Times and What it All Means

Iran is feeling expansive, and Russia seems quite fine with Israel's actions to keep Iran in check.

Ha’aretz Spits at the “Mensches”

Clearly, Ha'aretz is the toxic little Israeli brother of the NY Times, but I never figured they would actually hurl poison at Jewish ballplayers in order to score points with their big brother in NY

“But Seriously, Folks…”

Israeli aircraft bombed targets in Syria, preventing the transfer of “advanced weapons” from Iran to Hezbollah, Though this was not the first such bombing, this time things were VERY different

Orthodox Schools as the Model for Public Education

America's public school system is a failing enterprise and needs radical changes to restore it to former greatness. Examining certain Orthodox schools may provide some inspiration

The Short Vort: We’ve Got You Covered

If HaShem says, "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" here are some suggestions for a fun day!

Sbarro Massacre Mastermind is Now Formally Charged and Extradition is Sought

The wheels of justice have finally gone into motion; hopefully, justice will soon be served.

What a Jordanian Hero and His Admirers Tell us About the Likelihood of peace

Ahmed Daqamseh was given a rousing welcome in his home village in northern Jordan after being freed on Sunday. He expressed no remorse for the killings.

A Soldier’s Mother: Jordan’s Everlasting Shame

This thing, Daqamseh, that is not human has been released-EARLY. This thing that murdered 7 little girls and then spoke with pride at his accomplishment. At least this thing made his mother proud

You Think There is No anti-Semitism? Take the anti-Zionist Test

Take the test yourself and make sure to share it with anyone you may have some "doubts" about.

An “Iron Dome” Against Cognitive Warfare

A sovereign state decides which non-citizens may cross its borders. Period. There is no internationally recognized human right to enter any country one wishes. Israel can deny the enemy entrance

The Endless Ages of Purim

If Purim culminated with a lesson on tolerance, liberal Jews might be inclined to celebrate it. Unfortunately it ends with Jews fighting for their lives, winning and slaughtering their enemies. Not PC

BDS Says Vashti Boycott Of Ahashverosh Feast Their Idea

This is not the first time the BDS movement has claimed victory as the result of a development that actually runs counter to their goals.

How A Biblical Queen Sabotaged Iran’s Nuke Bomb Program

When defeating Persia, Esther used her beauty. For her modern feat, Esther used a computer worm named Stuxnet, whose first file was named 'Myrtus' or 'Myrtle,' which means Hadasa, Esther's other name

Miracle of Purim 1953

8 years after the Holocaust, the Jewish people and the free world were again in great danger from Hitler's one time ally Stalin, whose tyranny led to the loss of 94 million lives. Stalin died on Purim

Mensch on the Bench

America's 'National Pastime' is quickly becoming the 'Promised Land's' national pastime with Israel's squad surprising success in the World Baseball Classic. GO JEW CREW!

Remembering Yehoshua Friedberg Hy”d Zt”l

24 years ago today, an IDF platoon mate, a friend and a future leader of the Jewish nation was stolen from us by terrorists.

Even in America

Trump has launched a cultural revolution in the US by pulling the PC cork from the bottle and long pent up frustration is now being triumphantly released by the masses of "deplorables."

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