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Netanyahu Backs Ze’ev Elkin for Jerusalem Mayor

Minister Ze'ev Elkin emigrated to Israel from the Ukraine in 1990.

Arabs Burn Down Gush Etzion Fields and Forest

Ari Fuld is on the scene in Gush Etzion with a live report.

IDF Patriot Missiles Shoots Down Syrian Sukhoi Warplane Over Israel

A Syrian Sukhoi warplane crossed over into Israel, flying two kilometers within Israeli territory

PM Netanyahu Summons TIPH Commander After More TIPH Violence Against Jews Exposed

Two incidents of violence and vandalism by TIPH observers against Jews were exposed on video in the past week.

Netanyahu, UN Envoy Mladenov Meet in Jerusalem on Gaza

The two men discussed how to de-escalate tension in Gaza while resolving humanitarian issues.

8 Terror Suspects Arrested in Judea, Samaria

The soldiers used standard riot dispersal methods to break up the attacks on forces during arrests at Deheishe.

TIPH Observer Flees Israel, Escapes Probe of Vandalism of Hebron Jewish Vehicle

Israel Police sought to question the foreign observer after a local resident reported the tires of his car had been slashed.

Reopening of Kerem Shalom Border Crossing Postponed

Despite the ceasefire, Hamas has already returned to launching arson kites and incendiary helium balloons at the Jewish State.

Israel Rejects Russia’s Proposed 100 km Buffer Zone for Iran from Syrian Border

"Iran wants to turn Syria into a second Lebanon," he noted. "And we're determined to prevent that."

RJC to Spend $500,000 Attacking Anti-Israel House Challenger in Pennsylvania

On Monday, Democratic House candidate Wallace celebrated on Facebook his J Street endorsement.

IDF Attacks Firebomb Balloon Launchers in Northern Gaza

This is the second attack of a balloon squad within two days, following a commitment by Hamas to halt all such activities.

Tzipi Livni to be the New Knesset Opposition Leader

Gabai and Livni agreed to appoint Livni as opposition leader, while letting Gabai keep his hopes up for the Prime Minister's position.

Russian Foreign Minister, Army Chief Arriving in Israel for Unscheduled Discussion of Syria

The meeting was not mentioned in the Israeli Government Press Office's Monday's agenda for the PM issued Sunday night.

Haredim Tore Election Posters of Jerusalem Mayoral Candidate Rachel Azarya

Azaria, for her part, argued that she had been receiving calls from her Haredi supporters who were "shocked by the act and expressed their disgust."

Divine Rage? Kotel Stone Falls on Reform Prayer Platform [Video]

To calculate the erosion in the different kinds of limestone that make up the Western Wall, in 2014 researchers from Hebrew University used a laser scan to create an accurate three-dimensional computer model.

Death Threats Against Druze Minister for Supporting Nationality Law

Three Druze MKs, two of them members of the coalition, petitioned the High Court of Justice against the Nationality Law.

Mazel Tov Team Israel, New European ‘Under 20’ Basketball Champions

It's the first time ever that Israel has won the European under 20 basketball championship.

Kerem Shalom to Reopen Tuesday ‘If Calm Continues’

Kerem Shalom has remained active for deliveries of food and medicine throughout all the closures.

Moody’s Affirms Israel’s A1 Credit Rating, Gives ‎Economy Positive Outlook

Global-ratings agency lauds improved ‎economic and diplomatic ties with moderate Arab ‎states, Israel’s solid ‎fiscal performance and economic resilience.

Jordan Protests As Jews Ascend Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

Jewish activists dressed in construction worker’s garb chanted “no more crying, time for building.” 

Old City Excavations Shed Light on Tisha B’av Destruction

Jerusalem archaeologists have unearthed an access road leading from the Kidron Valley and Shiloah Pool to the Temple Mount,

Israel Air Force Reportedly Strikes Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility

Numerous reports claim a number of personnel from the Hezbollah guerrilla organization and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed and wounded in the strike.

IDF Shoots a Fire-Balloon Terrorist

As of Sunday morning, the Gazans have sent over at least 44 fire-balloons into Israel and started 8 fires.

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