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Rebbe Santa

This may seem like a strange topic for a Rav of a Shul to talk about; however, since I enjoy sharing all facets of...
Israel Uncensored: Arabs Threaten Violence if US to Declare Jerusalem as "Israel's Capital"

Arab States Tiring Of Palestinian Overreaction To Trump’s Jerusalem Call

The Palestinian efforts to “sway public opinion” have failed, in fact, the only result of PA President Abbas’ efforts has been to drive a wedge between Pres. Trump and the Arab World.

Following the Hate: An Open Letter to Lorde

This letter is different. It isn't a begging you to change your mind. Once you have bought into the BDS lies, it is very difficult to shake them. It is absolutely true Palestinians suffer. The only real questions relate to why this is happening, and what can be done about it.

The Quagmire of Manipulation

Love him or hate him, you have to admire Donald Trump’s genius for manipulating the media.  What’s even more impressive is the way he’s been beating them at their own game.

Message from a Jew to Christians Everywhere: Put Christ back in Christmas, for All...

Words shape meaning and if you take the 'Christ' out of Christmas there is no reason to celebrate. Accommodating bullies who want to enforce political correctness isn’t “being nice.”

Shiloh Musings: Demonstrations aren’t the Way to Change Government Leaders

I am extremely unhappy with the so-called "anti-corruption" demonstrations going on here in Israel. They are to force the hand of the already Left wing judiciary and the police.

Shiloh Musings: If Bogie’s the Alternative, I’ll Stick With Bibi

Bibi's far from perfect, but I don't see anyone who can replace him, certainly not former Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon.

The Obama-Hezbollah-Iran crime family

Obama’s was the most consistently anti-Israel administration since the founding of the state of Israel, considering the deliberate insults and provocations. It also failed the American public by "permitting" Hezbollah’s narco-terrorism

Shiloh Musings: International Bullying Versus Israel and Trump

The anti-Semites and anti-Israelis, including many countries like Great Britain which have claimed to be Israel's allies, have now shown their true hatred of Jewish rights, history and Israeli sovereignty.

A Settler (Me) in Nabi Saleh, the Tamimis, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence

A few times a year I take an extreme left-wing tour in Israel. These tours aim to show why settlers, the IDF, the occupation etc. are all evil. What I didn't appreciate on the tour was being lied to by the Leftist organizations, T’ruah and Breaking the Silence
Israel Uncensored: Jerusalem Will Always Be in Israel's Hands

Shiloh Musings: No Peace Sans World’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

During our various exiles, the focus of our prayers and yearnings have always been towards Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

UN Official Weeping for a Double-Amputee Terrorist

For all we know, the disabled Abu Thuraya might have chosen to be "martyred" by his fellow Hamas members in order to elicit exactly this sort of reaction from the UN and world media.
Inside Israel Today: Did Jerusalem Elect Donald Trump?

Truth Serum for the Palestinians

Do the Palestinians expect that the US will say that all of Jerusalem belongs to them? Clearly not. So why the rage, the riots, the rockets and the terrorism?

So What?

So now this "Palestinian" teen is a hero and an example for millions like her who view the Youtube clip and will now dare if they did hesitate before.

UN Votes Dec. 2016 Vs Dec. 2017: What A Difference One Year Of Trump...

If he continues with the type of policies shown during his first year in the White House, President Trump will be most pro-Israel president since 1948.

Why Sudden Silence when Erdogan Says he Plans to Open an Embassy in Jerusalem?

Turkey intends to open an embassy in East Jerusalem. Even though all the arguments against the Trump declaration apply even more so to the Erdogan declaration--silence. The Europeans who stumbled over themselves to condemn Trump are silent on Erdogan. The UN and NGOs aren't saying anything.

The Light of Chanukah

The Jewish Press hopes that your Hanukah was joyful and illuminating.

Shiloh Musings: Chanukah Lights of Jewish Return

There is nothing discreet about Chanukah. Chanukah Sameach!

The Lessons from Shirley Temper

Why didn't the soldier grab this little terrorist and detain her the first time she kicked him? Because he was afraid of getting in trouble! 'What would the world say?!'

Inspiration from Zion: A Small Hanukah Tradition, a lot of Jewish Defiance

{Originally posted to the author's blog, Inspiration from Zion} Hanukah is not a holiday of the Jewish religion, it is a holiday of the Jewish...

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