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Armed Female Arab Arrested at Qalandiya Checkpoint

Israeli Border Police officers arrested the 47-year-old woman, who is a resident of al-Eizariya, in Samaria. She was transferred to security personnel for questioning.

Watch: Gaza Terrorists Vow to Drive the Jews Out of Israel

"Allah willing the Jews' hearts will burn. We will not stop until the Jews leave our land, and Allah willing we return to it."

Netanyahu to Meet with Mediterranean Leaders Over Gas Pipeline to Italy

“The export of Israeli gas to Western Europe could make a very significant contribution to the Israeli economy.”

Gaza Terrorists Killed After Infiltrating Into Israeli Territory

The soldiers opened fire after they identified the team of terrorists damaging the fence and crossing into Israeli territory from southern Gaza.

Efrat Launches First Counter-Terrorist Rapid Response Drone Unit in Israel

The drone unit will be used to capture terrorists before that can even get close to Efrat's borders.

Netanyahu: No Interest in Conflict with Iran, But Better Now Than Later

“We are determined to block Iranian entrenchment [in Syria], even at the cost of a confrontation.”

Override Bill Passed by Ministerial Committee

The proposed measure now goes to the floor of the Knesset for a vote by the plenum.

Giuliani: Trump Committed to Regime Change in Iran

"We have a president who is tough... We have a president who is as committed to regime change as we are."

Hamas Worries About Targeted Assassinations, Steps Up Security Around Haniyeh, Visitors

Hamas is concerned that an ISIS-linked Palestinian Authority terror cell may step up efforts to assassinate key Arab leaders in the enclave, including visiting dignitaries.

Hamas Security Forces Kidnap Fatah Secretary in Northern Gaza

Despite all the talk of reconciliation, Gaza’s ruling Hamas terror organization appears to have no intention of uniting with the leading Ramallah-based Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority.

IAF Retaliates for Terror Kites from Gaza

The attack targeted a site from where the terror kites were being launched by Hamas on Saturday.

Israel Withdraws Candidacy for UN Security Council

“It was decided that we will continue to act with our allies to allow for Israel to realize its right for full participation and inclusion in decision-making processes at the UN."

Netanyahu to Meet Putin In Moscow

The two will discuss recent developments in the region.

6 Dead in Gaza ‘Work Accident’

A Gaza source claimed the blast allegedly occurred when the six were trying to dismantle an unexploded IDF missile.

Hamas Caught Placing Children on the Front Line [Video]

In the video, children are being brought into the center of the violence, and even being encouraged to take part.

In Weekend Gaza Border Violence, Gazans Burn Their Own Gas Pipeline

The rioters set fire to the natural gas and oil pipeline that supplies Gaza – thus destroying the very infrastructure that provides their territory with energy for their needs.

Shakira Coming to Perform in Israel

The Shakira concert will be held on July 9th.

Israel Expels 2 American Activists over Ties to BDS

In January, the Ministry for Strategic Affairs published a list of organizations whose activists would not be permitted to enter Israel because of their support for a boycott of Israel.

Liberman: We’ll Find a Solution to the Firebomb Kites

Friday marked the sixth week of protests in Gaza, as fewer Arabs were on hand to take to the borders with Israel to demonstrate their support for the demise of the Jewish State and its being taken over by the Arabs of Gaza.
Israel Uncensored: Another Peace Plan on the Way?

Recent Reports on Trump’s Peace Plan – Fake News

A senior US government official said the report on the peace plan is fake news.

Discovery of Bar Kochba-Era Coin Declared at Lag B’Omer

As Jews across Israel and around the world celebrated Lag B’Omer, Israeli authorities announced that they had found a symbol of the Shimon bar Kochba revolt against the Romans in the form of a small bronze coin.

Amazon Looking To Make Aliya?

Amazon published a wanted ad on Linkedin seeking an English-Hebrew translator for its Luxembourg based localization team.

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