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Jordana in Jerusalem

    It’s Been 9 Years

    9 years ago this week, the Israeli government forced 8,000 Jews from their homes and lives in Gaza.

    Work It, Girl

    Most Israel supporters don't have the tools, fortitude, or platform to speak up on Israel's behalf

    Jordana Takes Tel Aviv: A Peace Summit on the 480

    Two Jews on a bus going the same -yet opposite directions, to hopefully, the same place.

    69 MORE Reasons I love Israel!

    And Israel's Birthday Party continues...

    My Declaration of Independence

    I've decided to move away from my safety net-and I wouldn't change that decision for anything.

    Looking For the Right One

    I need a job, my friends. A real life, full-time, pay-the-bills, up at 7, home-after-nightfall JOB!

    Hello from Jordana in Jerusalem (, ISRAEL!)

    Jordana weighs in with her Top 5 on the US recognizing JERUSALEM as the capital of ISRAEL.

    Holiday Candles, Birthday Candles, Emergency Candles

    January 1st is known as Sylvester here in Israel. It always strikes me as funny, since it's named after St. Sylvester, a pope who...

    Jew in a Box

    Here in Israel, the Jewish state, we are blessedly not the "other" and this is great and this is bad

    And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

    American Jews think they know what's best for Israel-better than Israelis. Here's my take...

    Aliyahversary, the Second!

    My Aliyah continues to be the best decision I've ever made. But with any huge life decision there are peaks and valleys. And this year came with higher peaks and lower valleys than in my first year

    Let’s Go To the Mall!

    Now I live in a country where every shop in the food court is kosher! I can have anything I want!

    Just Right of Center

    The terrorists more often than not are Israeli Arabs, with the full rights of Israeli citizens.

    70 Years Young

    A love letter to the nation by Jordana Brown

    Aaaaaand…We’re Back!

    "...people making jokes about turning this into a shelter rave, taking #bombshelterselfies..."

    As One Year Closes…

    When I think back to one year ago it actually feels like a lifetime ago; I was truly another person.

    An Open Letter to Simone Zimmerman

    Simone, because you are Bernie's new Jewish Outreach Director, you will be known to large swaths of the American population as a "Jewish representative," and that fact makes my stomach turn.

    When You Don’t Stand

    By not standing you are drawing distinctions between religious & secular, AND religious & religious.

    The One with the Stairs

    My stairs had been built, big and strong-BUT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE APARTMENT!

    One Last Shot Before I Go

    If you are Israeli or a supporter of Israel, you know that the UN has ONE very important function. They are there to ruin the international reputation of Israel.

    Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

    wouldn't it be so nice if Israel could just live in peace? REAL peace...

    Get On The Bus, Gus

    As an underqualified but highly motivated Aliyah tour guide, I thought I’d give my perspective on the transportation system here in Israel. Please read...

    Rock The Vote!

    I'm Israel/Jewish State loving, YESHA supporting, Temple Mt visiting, religious Zionist Right Wing!

    “Why on EARTH did you Move to Israel?”

    Such an incredible miracle to have Israel, it's crazy that every Jew isn't clamoring to live here!

    Jordana In Jerusalem: It is Better to be Feared Than Loved

    Israel is respected when it cares about it's citizens and world Jewry and not about the world's love

    Rock the Vote (Part 2)

    "Please stop shushing me" They kept shushing! Shushing seems to be how Leftists do Israeli politics!

    Une Famille Juive

    Majority of mourners were French, mourning both the slain and the loss of France's Jewish community


    Moving to Israel seems crazy but this week's my first "aliyaversary," my Aliyah anniversary! WOW!

    Fear and Loathing in Jerusalem

    My city isn't like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beit Shemesh or even Tzfat. My city is Israel's eternal capital.


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