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Over Killing the Left

16 Kislev 5774 – November 19, 2013
Not only did Jonathan Rosenblum criticize Rabbi Lopatin, he criticized the British Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis for accepting an invitation to Limmud.

The Sky Is Falling

11 Kislev 5774 – November 14, 2013
“Orthodox birthrates in just the last few years have been soaring,” said Jewish sociologist Steven M. Cohen. “The sky is falling for the rest of the population.”

A Microcosm of Achdus

9 Kislev 5774 – November 12, 2013
There was mixed seating. You got to sit with your spouse.

Haredi Establishment Smearing Father of Molested Youth

8 Kislev 5774 – November 10, 2013
Prominent members of the Lakewood community publicly vilified him - in writing - as a Moser (someone who informs on a fellow Jew to the authorities).

The Demise of Conservative Judaism

3 Kislev 5774 – November 6, 2013
For me, Conservative Judaism is not the answer to the future of Judaism.

Another Haredi Tells It Like It Is

1 Kislev 5774 – November 4, 2013
Rabbi Grylak blames the Israeli Yated -- specifically naming its editor Nati Grossman for fomenting enmity and violence by vilifying anyone that does not agree with extremist views.

My D’var Torah for Shimon’s Bar Mitzvah

1 Kislev 5774 – November 3, 2013
The Dvar Torah I gave yesterday at my grandson Shimon Greenland’s Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi Avi Weiss Crossing Hard Lines

26 Heshvan 5774 – October 29, 2013
Rabbi Weiss wrote: "Israel as a state should give equal opportunities to the Conservative and Reform movements."

Telling It like It Is

25 Heshvan 5774 – October 28, 2013
The defacto infallibility of "gedolim" alienates “both those who were brought up frum and especially for those who were not.”

Is Feminism Compatible with Orthodoxy?

21 Heshvan 5774 – October 25, 2013
In Judaism men and women are given specific roles. Each has their own area of responsibility for fulfilling God’s will.

Pushing the Boundaries of Outreach

19 Heshvan 5774 – October 23, 2013
As Orthodox Jews who understand the value of the Torah and the importance of following Halacha – how can we change this new secular Jewish paradigm?

A Plea to Lakewood’s Rabbinic Leadership

17 Heshvan 5774 – October 21, 2013
To their credit, the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) came out with a statement applauding the courage of Kolko's young victim.

The Million Man March

16 Heshvan 5774 – October 20, 2013
Can we remain ambivalent in the face of what our eyes saw and ears heard?

Soothing the Savage Breast

13 Heshvan 5774 – October 17, 2013
In a million years I would have never dreamed that people who look and dress the same way and very likely share the same religious values could be so radically different.

The Secret of Orthodoxy’s Success

11 Heshvan 5774 – October 15, 2013
Yiddish words are increasingly seeping into the English language.

Of ‘Torah Haters’ and Noah Feldman

10 Heshvan 5774 – October 14, 2013
Minister Lapid should not be judged by a few offhand comments spoken in angry response to being constantly attacked as a Torah hater.

Chacham Ovadia Yosef, ZTL

4 Heshvan 5774 – October 8, 2013
He was a giant not only to his own Sephardi community, but to the entire Torah world.

Dissing the Rav

3 Heshvan 5774 – October 7, 2013
The T that is missing is in the honorific ‘ZTL’ written after the name of rabbinic leaders that have passed away.

There Is No Joy in New Square

30 Tishri 5774 – October 4, 2013
The joyous members of Skvere had absolutely no compassion for this poor woman. They only saw someone who left the community and went OTD.

The Good News and the Bad for Orthodoxy

29 Tishri 5774 – October 3, 2013
Even though 10% of Jewry identifies as Orthodox, 14% to 17% say they were raised Orthodox.

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