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    Reinvigorating Israel Advocacy With Zionism

    There are many Zionist progressives. Indicting all progressives as anti-Zionist is not only unhelpful, it’s dishonest.

    Diaspora Zionism – What Is Its Role?

    The idea of negating the Diaspora was initiated before the creation of the State of Israel when anything was possible, and every Zionist idea was being considered.

    The Bennett And Biden Meeting Agenda

    Israel can request America not open its consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, put a deadline on U.S.-Palestinian growing diplomacy if ‘pay to slay’ isn’t ended, and stop American funding of UNRWA until it stops hosting Hamas tunnels and rockets in Gaza and teaching anti-Semitism in its schools.

    Israel Will Grow – Regardless

    Through tens of thousands of terror attacks and two intifadas, Israel continued to develop, build, and grow. It almost seems that opposition to Israel’s development furthers Israel’s growth.

    Zionists Don’t Need To Justify Their Existence

    Why would I need to justify where I live or the policies of my government? I’ve never seen a similar talk given by people who live in other countries unless they were an official spokesperson of their government.

    The Israeli Flag

    The flag is widely accepted among all streams of Jews, although it isn’t without controversy.

    No Time For Mercy: The Inappropriate Response To Murderous Intent

    After each attack the Palestinian street has come out to celebrate, handing out candies, marching in angry parades, and firing off fireworks.

    The Tale Of Two Attacked Synagogues

    Repeated attacks on Jewish synagogues, tombs and people can partially explain why a synagogue being burned to the ground by Palestinians garnered little or no attention.

    To Understand Israel, You Need To Understand Its Enemies

    Israel advocacy shouldn't be defensive, and its arguments should be strong enough to allow for nuance and an understanding of our opponents, and even our enemies.

    A Rational Argument For Rebuilding The Temple – Today

    Our ancestor would be perplexed by a third commonwealth of the Jewish people in control of Jerusalem but who refuse, on their own accord, to rebuild the Temple.

    The Antisemitism Equation – An Undeniable Metric

    The factor that determines whether criticism is antisemitic is if it includes discrimination or hate.

    Does Religious Zionism Make Sense Without Messianism?

    Jews who don’t believe that the state of Israel is the beginning of the redemption have their Zionism and belief in G-d called into question by other religious Zionists.

    Biden And Bennett And No Building Permits

    The only people who think a potential Palestinian state will be confined to the West Bank are Americans who aren’t familiar with actual Palestinians.

    Thank You, Gap Year Guests

    One of the most influential parts of a student’s time in Israel is their time outside the classroom with Israeli families.

    Israel’s Torah Observant Prime Minister

    The Israeli Prime Minister walked into the most important office in America proudly displaying his Judaism and his Torah observance.

    All The Whoopdie-Do About Whoopi

    It’s time more of our columns, op-eds, posts and tweets focused on how well we’re doing and less on what others think about us.

    500 Skittles, Ukraine And Zionist Values

    Zionism doesn’t maintain Jews have a right to the land of Israel so that Jews will have a place of refuge, the Jewish right to their ancestral homeland stands irrespective of Jewish safety and security.

    Are Jews A Religion Or A People?

    Answering the question, “what is a Jew?” would seem to be straightforward. A Jew is an adherent of Judaism. While that seems like an easy answer, it’s completely incorrect.

    The Infuriating Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    It infuriates me that the world ignores the three to six Palestinian terror attacks attempted in Israel every day.

    Where Are You Ari Fuld?

    Ari’s greatest asset was his conviction in his beliefs. Unlike so many who are convinced of the righteousness of their convictions, Ari was not arrogant.

    Aliyah: No Pain, No Gain, But Oh, The Gain!

    Whether they’ve walked thousands of miles over the burning hot sands of the African desert or walked on to a charter flight from New York, every Jew who has followed Avraham’s path has a story.

    We Must Welcome All Of Our Friends

    I believer that Israel’s future is in the hands of Hashem, but I also recognize that Hashem created a world where we must secure our people’s future. The Jewish people must enlist Christian friends … to ensure America’s support of Israel.

    The Hardest Column I’ve Ever Written

    Was it really fair, I asked myself, to seek my own closure and need to fulfill my mitzvah of tochechah at the expense of her self-confidence?

    Dear Orlee, Oy!

    It is heartbreaking that a Jewish woman, smart enough to gain admission and rise to a leadership position at Harvard wouldn’t recognize that BDS will never lead to Palestinian advancement or peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Is Israel Solely For The Jews?

    A legitimate argument can be made that Israel should be a state solely for the Jewish people.

    Stop Whining About Hamas Rockets

    Many of the media advocacy campaigns waged on Israel’s behalf during the latest Hamas rocket attacks didn’t recognize the pitfalls of playing victim.

    A Major League Problem

    It is every parent’s right to talk privately with their child about their family’s values and balancing modern values with Torah practice. It is not your right to publicly discuss other people’s observance.

    AIPAC Activism Isn’t Foreign Interference

    Often, opposing foreign aid is a cover for xenophobia and jingoism.

    The Seventy Faces Of Zionism

    The lack of a definition allowed Zionists to stretch the meaning of Zionism to almost absurd dimensions.

    Zionism And The Power To Rule Over Others

    I had to decide whether to support the construction of a fence which may provide greater security, but which evokes the very ghetto walls that Zionism aspired to topple.


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