Israel Loses A Brother In Congress, Gains An Advocate

I was familiar with Congressman Deutch’s work on Israel in Congress and before that the State house but was in shock that he would volunteer to speak without even being asked!

Stop Whining About Hamas Rockets

Many of the media advocacy campaigns waged on Israel’s behalf during the latest Hamas rocket attacks didn’t recognize the pitfalls of playing victim.

Three Lessons We Missed During The Iron Dome Votes

Close to ten progressive members were elected to Congress, and they were led by just a few members who called themselves “the Squad.” By their own admission, these members had little to no expertise in foreign affairs issues.

Palestinian Terrorists Houses Must Be Demolished

Palestinians love repeating the line that house demolitions don’t deter attacks on their own. The answer is that house demolitions together with other policies combine to create a terror shield.

Settler Leaders Shouldn’t Legitimize J-Street

When I described the fear our children experience due to Palestinian terror, I didn’t feel a sympathetic heart in the room.

Zionism Isn’t An ‘Anti’ Movement

Zionism is a romantic prophetic vision of the Jewish people put into action daily in the Jewish people’s historic homeland.

Are Liberal Zionists Walking Oxymorons?

Calling liberals anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is inaccurate. Lumping all liberals together as followers of progressive elected officials and their anti-Israel positions is a mistake.

AIPAC Activism Isn’t Foreign Interference

Often, opposing foreign aid is a cover for xenophobia and jingoism.

Why Can’t Israel Do Better For The Palestinians?

It is naïve to think Palestinians or their advocates will be placated by an easing of Palestinian restrictions. Only when Israel cedes control of all the land and ends the Jewish state will Palestinians be satisfied.

Were Early Zionists Terrorists?

If a person maintains Palestinians have a right to the land of Israel, Begin’s answer won’t come close to explaining how early Zionists were justified in their attacks against the British and the Arabs.

The Seventy Faces Of Zionism

The lack of a definition allowed Zionists to stretch the meaning of Zionism to almost absurd dimensions.

Jewish Anti-Semitism: Nothing New Under the Sun

We can choose to focus on those who have veered from our ways or focus on those looking to build the dream of Jewish peoplehood.

Dear Orlee, Oy!

It is heartbreaking that a Jewish woman, smart enough to gain admission and rise to a leadership position at Harvard wouldn’t recognize that BDS will never lead to Palestinian advancement or peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

To Understand Israel, You Need To Understand Its Enemies

Israel advocacy shouldn't be defensive, and its arguments should be strong enough to allow for nuance and an understanding of our opponents, and even our enemies.

Reclaiming Zionism For The Jewish People

Shop at most major malls in the United States and you’ll find Israelis who have overstayed their visas, selling Dead Sea salt products. The draw of America, the land of dreams, is too good for many Israelis to forgo.

Don’t Ban Arabs From Our Pools

There's simply no excuse for generalizing about an entire group based on the actions of a few people in the group.

Don’t Listen To The Naysayers – Ben & Jerry’s Settlement Is A Victory

When the ‘children’ (Ben & Jerry’s) took immature positions, the ‘adults’ (Unilever) stepped in and corrected the mistake.

Aliyah: No Pain, No Gain, But Oh, The Gain!

Whether they’ve walked thousands of miles over the burning hot sands of the African desert or walked on to a charter flight from New York, every Jew who has followed Avraham’s path has a story.

Prove To Me That You Don’t Have A Sister

At first I was horrified by these stories. How could we, the righteous settlers, stoop to the level of Palestinian rock throwers and terrorists?

Zionists Must Define Zionism

As Jews missed an opportunity to tell their story, their enemies told it for them. Zionism was declared racism and Jewish autonomy became known as oppression.

Why Do People Hate Zionism?

More insidious an accusation is the denial of the historical connection of the Jewish people to their own land. Anti-Zionists frequently peddle the false claim that Jews are colonialist foreigners who came from Europe to occupy a native people’s land.

The Tale Of Two Attacked Synagogues

Repeated attacks on Jewish synagogues, tombs and people can partially explain why a synagogue being burned to the ground by Palestinians garnered little or no attention.

Zionists Don’t Need To Justify Their Existence

Why would I need to justify where I live or the policies of my government? I’ve never seen a similar talk given by people who live in other countries unless they were an official spokesperson of their government.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is A War Of Values

Palestinians have rejected tens of Israeli peace offers over the past eight decades and have never once countered with their own. It is clear Palestinians do not value peace as Israelis prioritize peace.

Real Leaders Solve Problems

As much as the Arab and charedi sectors must begin participating in Israeli national life, the rest of Israeli society must incorporate Arabs and charedim into Israeli society.

Does Religious Zionism Make Sense Without Messianism?

Jews who don’t believe that the state of Israel is the beginning of the redemption have their Zionism and belief in G-d called into question by other religious Zionists.

The Infuriating Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

It infuriates me that the world ignores the three to six Palestinian terror attacks attempted in Israel every day.

Has The State Of Israel Lived Up To Jewish Values?

The accusations against Israel can be divided into two categories. First, the Jews stole Palestinian land. ... The second category of accusations against Israel is that Israel mistreats Palestinians.

Israeli People Exemplify The Goodness Of Jewish Values

Israel doesn’t only aim to include and help Israeli Arab citizens but has helped Palestinian Arabs more than all other Arab countries combined.

500 Skittles, Ukraine And Zionist Values

Zionism doesn’t maintain Jews have a right to the land of Israel so that Jews will have a place of refuge, the Jewish right to their ancestral homeland stands irrespective of Jewish safety and security.


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