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Israel’s Torah Observant Prime Minister

The Israeli Prime Minister walked into the most important office in America proudly displaying his Judaism and his Torah observance.

The Evolution Of Zionism

Seventy-years later Zionism has become a continuously evolving movement. It has shifted from defense to offense. Zionism no longer worries about survival and focuses more on development.

Israeli People Exemplify The Goodness Of Jewish Values

Israel doesn’t only aim to include and help Israeli Arab citizens but has helped Palestinian Arabs more than all other Arab countries combined.

Why Do People Hate Zionism?

More insidious an accusation is the denial of the historical connection of the Jewish people to their own land. Anti-Zionists frequently peddle the false claim that Jews are colonialist foreigners who came from Europe to occupy a native people’s land.

Settler Leaders Shouldn’t Legitimize J-Street

When I described the fear our children experience due to Palestinian terror, I didn’t feel a sympathetic heart in the room.

Where Is Another Begin When We Need Him?

A government that is diverse, but whose diversity prevents improvement, is a poor government and has lost its mandate to govern.

Zionism Isn’t An ‘Anti’ Movement

Zionism is a romantic prophetic vision of the Jewish people put into action daily in the Jewish people’s historic homeland.

We Don’t Pray Towards Jerusalem

The most sacred place for the Jewish people isn’t Jerusalem or the Western Wall, it’s the Temple Mount.

Are Liberal Zionists Walking Oxymorons?

Calling liberals anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is inaccurate. Lumping all liberals together as followers of progressive elected officials and their anti-Israel positions is a mistake.

Zionism And The Power To Rule Over Others

I had to decide whether to support the construction of a fence which may provide greater security, but which evokes the very ghetto walls that Zionism aspired to topple.

Real Leaders Solve Problems

As much as the Arab and charedi sectors must begin participating in Israeli national life, the rest of Israeli society must incorporate Arabs and charedim into Israeli society.

The Bennett And Biden Meeting Agenda

Israel can request America not open its consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, put a deadline on U.S.-Palestinian growing diplomacy if ‘pay to slay’ isn’t ended, and stop American funding of UNRWA until it stops hosting Hamas tunnels and rockets in Gaza and teaching anti-Semitism in its schools.

Israel Will Grow – Regardless

Through tens of thousands of terror attacks and two intifadas, Israel continued to develop, build, and grow. It almost seems that opposition to Israel’s development furthers Israel’s growth.

A Major League Problem

It is every parent’s right to talk privately with their child about their family’s values and balancing modern values with Torah practice. It is not your right to publicly discuss other people’s observance.

Jewish Anti-Semitism: Nothing New Under the Sun

We can choose to focus on those who have veered from our ways or focus on those looking to build the dream of Jewish peoplehood.

Diaspora Zionism – What Is Its Role?

The idea of negating the Diaspora was initiated before the creation of the State of Israel when anything was possible, and every Zionist idea was being considered.

The Only Existential Threat Facing Israel

When healthy debate turns into hateful division, society begins to fall apart and violent scenes, like the one at the Ezrat Yisrael section of the Western Wall, begin to occur.

Are Jews A Religion Or A People?

Answering the question, “what is a Jew?” would seem to be straightforward. A Jew is an adherent of Judaism. While that seems like an easy answer, it’s completely incorrect.

A Rational Argument For Rebuilding The Temple – Today

Our ancestor would be perplexed by a third commonwealth of the Jewish people in control of Jerusalem but who refuse, on their own accord, to rebuild the Temple.

Zionists Don’t Need To Justify Their Existence

Why would I need to justify where I live or the policies of my government? I’ve never seen a similar talk given by people who live in other countries unless they were an official spokesperson of their government.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is A War Of Values

Palestinians have rejected tens of Israeli peace offers over the past eight decades and have never once countered with their own. It is clear Palestinians do not value peace as Israelis prioritize peace.

Were Early Zionists Terrorists?

If a person maintains Palestinians have a right to the land of Israel, Begin’s answer won’t come close to explaining how early Zionists were justified in their attacks against the British and the Arabs.

Engaging With The Teenage Atheist

Writing ‘I'm an atheist’ to answer a rabbi's question is equivalent to a student telling their vegan teacher they love steak. It's not just a call for attention, it's a call to arms.

MLK, Justice And Zionism

We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Thank You, Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry's didn't boycott a place, they boycotted a people - the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

Where Are You Ari Fuld?

Ari’s greatest asset was his conviction in his beliefs. Unlike so many who are convinced of the righteousness of their convictions, Ari was not arrogant.

Don’t Listen To The Naysayers – Ben & Jerry’s Settlement Is A Victory

When the ‘children’ (Ben & Jerry’s) took immature positions, the ‘adults’ (Unilever) stepped in and corrected the mistake.

The Hardest Column I’ve Ever Written

Was it really fair, I asked myself, to seek my own closure and need to fulfill my mitzvah of tochechah at the expense of her self-confidence?

Reinvigorating Israel Advocacy With Zionism

There are many Zionist progressives. Indicting all progressives as anti-Zionist is not only unhelpful, it’s dishonest.

Three Lessons We Missed During The Iron Dome Votes

Close to ten progressive members were elected to Congress, and they were led by just a few members who called themselves “the Squad.” By their own admission, these members had little to no expertise in foreign affairs issues.


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