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S.O.S: Support Our Soldier

20 Adar II 5776 – March 30, 2016
The terrorist was not checked properly. Had he been checked and neutralized, his jacket would have been off - if not, at very least opened.

A Soldier’s Mother: To Rot in Jail or to Rot in the Ground

19 Adar II 5776 – March 29, 2016
The soldier did not kill an "innocent" civilian. He killed a person with means and intent to murder soldiers or random innocent Israeli civilians.

Is The Israeli Media Hyping for Early Elections, AGAIN?!

News articles leave out the fact that Likud always done much better in elections than in the polls

Purity of Arms

18 Adar II 5776 – March 28, 2016
The soldier who finished-off the snake last week, has more Jewish morality in his little trigger finger than all the IDF manuals based on anything but Jewish morality, tradition and law.

Gadi Eizenkot Should Resign NOW

Eizenkot, resign! You can't send a 19-year-old boy into battle then hang him to dry for a mistake...IF he made a mistake

Giving the Soldier the Cold Shoulder

17 Adar II 5776 – March 27, 2016
We can not abandon this soldier! We can not permit B’tselem and other orgs to slander our soldiers!

An (imagined) Interview with Meretz Chairpeacenik Zehava Galon

Zehava, the Belgians were nice, even turned over much of Brussels to Islamists. Look what that got them

An Open Letter to the Belgian Prime Minister from Shimon Peres [Satire]

15 Adar II 5776 – March 25, 2016
Mister Belgian Prime Minister, Blessed is the peacemaker. For capitulating to the terrorists you will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize--I should know.

Israeli Students Fearlessly Face Vicious Anti-Israel Protesters in Washington

14 Adar II 5776 – March 23, 2016
While many Americans were afraid at AIPAC, Israelis confronting anti-Israel protesters "have not one ounce of fear"

Today’s Persia, Purim in Our Time

Many Jews in Persia considered assimilation the way to succeed and an easier life--What has changed?

Pray for the World

Congratulations Europe, you saved the masses from my toothpaste! But you missed the damn explosives

A Note to One of My Many anti-Trump Friends

12 Adar II 5776 – March 21, 2016
I don't want Jihadis here any more than I would like to see additional Klansmen or Nazis.

Sire, Haman’s Lottery For When To Kill The Jews Promotes Gambling

Sire, just because Eilat is considering legalizing gambling, doesn't make it good for Shushan!

Trump Should be Cheered by AIPAC!

The only topic Donald Trump has been rather quiet about has been Israel and the Middle East.

Why the World Hates Israel

Rashi teaches, those who war against Israel really make war against G-d via proxy of His people.

Why You Might Not Want To Donate To Sport Relief (especially if you’re Jewish).

10 Adar II 5776 – March 20, 2016
With rising anti-Semitism in the UK it's a shame that Comic Relief/Sport Relief indirectly funds attacks on Israel and British Jews.

A Couple of Near-Invisible Blips on the Radar

6 Adar II 5776 – March 16, 2016
The world doesn't know about the "near-misses" or failed attacks in daily Arab-on-Israeli terror war

Emes Ve-Emunah: Another Look at Israel’s Reality

4 Adar II 5776 – March 14, 2016
Until Palestinians start focusing on helping themselves instead of hurting us, nothing will change.

A Flickering Flame

Slowly, Jewish core characteristics are fading. Sadly, we’re blending in, no longer a nation apart.

BDS Protesters Using Banners Made In Jewish Settlements

3 Adar II 5776 – March 13, 2016
Signs of the times: BDS signs made beyond "Green Line" BDS is 'black and blue' from 'Blue and White'

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