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    Let’s Call Them Modern Chasidim

    The problem is that Tuna Beigel is a pejorative.

    On the Shoulders of (Imperfect) Giants

    In order to truly appreciate Torah, one must be a master over one’s spirit as well.

    My Appearance with Rabbi Shafran on ‘Talkline with Zev Brenner’

    The gist of Rabbi Shafran’s argument was that Rabbi Sacks was criticizing a legitimate form of orthodox Judaism and was doing so from a place of ignorance.

    Educating about Abuse without Stigmatizing Victims

    Organic dating has its own set of problems that the shidduch system can help avoid.

    Video Mocking Rabbinic Sermons Was in Bad Taste

    Spontaneity and quirkiness have their place but a sermon is neither the time nor place for either of those.

    Monsey Kosher Market ‘Integration’ Great Idea, Terrible Execution (Video)

    It’s really not that different than the situation in Israel with the charedim. Both situations need insiders to make the change happen.

    Man-Made Meat? A fence for Wisdom is Silence

    The proper response for almost the entire population of planet Earth to these eternal questions about man-made meat is “I am not qualified to render an opinion on this matter.”

    The People Are Looking for Answers

    A rabbi who writes controversial things becomes international news.

    Can You Cry ‘Heresy’ in a Crowded Beit Midrash?

    Why does a opinion in the Talmud say the last verses in Devarim were not written by Moses? Was it the easiest solution to a very obvious problem?

    Mozilla: ‘Judge Not Your Fellow Until You Have Stood In His Place’

    It is unfair to judge a 52 year old man with the glasses of a person who lives in a different world.

    Why Do We Celebrate Chanukah?

    Megilas Taanis simply proclaims the 25th of Kislev a holiday and it is forbidden to mourn for 8 days. The text does not give a reason for the celebration.

    Defenders and Benders of Roles for Genders

    Boys can play with dolls. Men can embrace their feminine side. Girls can play sports.

    When a Heretic Speak Heresy Against Heretics

    For deviating from the orthodox scientific position, Nagel has been abused, maligned, outcast, and insulted.

    Women Wearing Tefillin Is Really Not Such a Big Deal

    Some people are assuming the intentions of these women are less than perfect, but that’s complete conjecture.

    Why Do People Leave Orthodox Judaism? Why Do People Stay?

    People act not because they think it’s right; they do what they do because it’s what they want to do

    Modern Racism

    Categorizing all black people as one large group where the acts of one black person in Florida somehow tell us something about a different black person in Seattle is racist.

    Abuse in New Square

    This kid gets a medal for coming forward.

    The Challenge of Modesty

    There is no real theological reason that tznius be heavily codified in Jewish law while other areas of our lives that require modesty are left to our whims and desires.

    We Are Not Under Attack By the LGBT Community

    Orthodox Jews are free to teach Leviticus and we are free to deny any religious rights and privileges to anyone we so choose.

    Wisdom from a Venice Beach Vagabond

    He told me that according to a Muslim poet, children do not truly belong to their parents. Instead, parents are the vessel through which children flow into the world.

    Will the Real Haredi Feminists Please Stand Up?

    Ruth Colian is running as a Haredi woman for political office.

    Can People Live Longer than 120 Years?

    The Talmud is making a general statement for which there are more exceptions that situations where the rule applies.

    Lessons Orthodox Judaism Can Learn from Mormons

    Both communities value using books to study their texts, and digital devices are a less preferable way for younger people to study.

    A Song of Love, a Song of Life

    There is no song that tells the story of freedom like Shir HaShirim.

    Creative License When Interpreting the Bible

    When we are dealing in non-legal matters, we are no longer concerned with precedent.

    We Are Going in the Wrong Direction

    For some, guilt by association is actual guilt. For these people, who you know and with whom you associate determine your credibility.

    Modesty Messages from a Mormon

    Mormons are expected to be chaste in every possible way and this can be particularly difficult for young men.

    Torah M’Sinai According to Professor Tamar Ross

    The revelation continues as the world progressed and however the Torah was emended or edited after Sinai was part of revelation.

    Two Different Tracks: Women and Tefillin vs. Women and Torah

    Women learning Torah is becoming increasingly permissive, but women wearing tefillin is becoming increasingly stringent.


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