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Unique Sites of Israel

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Waters of Merom (Hula Valley)

It is such a beautiful time of year to see Israel. Get out there!

Unique Sites of Israel: Tel Motza

Beautiful, historic and easily accessible-go see Motza

Unique Sites of Israel: Top 10 Archeological Discoveries in Israel from 2021

Many of last year’s incredible finds revolutionized our understanding of Israel’s rich past (including the Biblical era).

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Maresha and Beit Guvrin

Go out and see Israel (OK, when it stops raining) Happy Tu B'Shvat!

Unique Sites of Israel: Lot’s Wife: Sodom & Gomorrah

“G-d caused rain of sulfur and fire to fall on Sodom and on Gomorrah…(Lot’s) wife looked behind her and was turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:24-26)”

Unique Sites of Israel: Beit El

It is always a good time to visit the, "House of G-d"

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Anim

On your next trip to Israel, if you are looking to sample great wine, enjoy beautiful nature, and see incredible archeology, the Yatir forest is waiting for you!

Unique Sites of Israel: Kedesh: The City of Refuge

“G-d spoke to Joshua saying…Prepare for yourselves the cities of refuge, about which I spoke to you through Moses, where a killer may flee – one who kills a person through carelessness, unintentionally…They designated Kedesh in the Galilee in the mountains of Naphtali (Joshua 20: 1-7)”

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Beit Shemesh

Tel (Hebrew for Archeological mound) Beit Shemesh is literally across the street from the outskirts of the modern city. 

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Migdal (aka Magdala)

Migdal (along with the entire western coast of the Sea of Galilee) was given to the tribe of Naphtali.

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Gath (Tel Tzafit)

Another claim to fame for the ancient city was the fact that the holy Ark of the Covenant spent time here after the Philistines stole it

Unique Sites of Israel: Hammath (Hot Springs) of Tiberias

Many of the great Rabbis of the Talmud spent time healing at the hot spring of the area

Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part III

“Some of the children of Judah (returning from the Babylonian exile) settled in the villages, in their open areas: in Kiryat Arbah (i.e. Hebron) and its suburbs (Nehemiah 11:25)”

Biblical Anathoth (Anatot) and Ein (Spring) Prat

Today, let's visit two special biblical sites in the Judean Desert, as stunning as they are historic. The first is the town of Anatot (Anathoth) and the second is Ein Prat, a desert oasis...

Unique Sites of Israel: Tomb of Rachel

Today the site flourishes, with a full time Kollel (Talmudic Academy for Torah studies), a synagogue and even a hospitality corner with hot drinks and snacks!

Unique Sites of Israel: Zorah: In the Footsteps of Samson

Zohar was the hometown of Samson, the strongest man who ever lived

Unique Sites of Israel: Ayalon Valley

Today, we are visiting the enchanting Ayalon Park Canada. This centrally located park (roughly between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) has it all!

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Kinneret & the Fertile fields of Ginosar

Come visit the prophesied site of the "End of Dayss' beforehand-less traffic; better parking

Unique Sites of Israel: Be’er Sheva

A city with something for absolutely everyone--

Unique Sites of Israel: Karmei Tzur (Biblical Beit Tzur)

The stunning scenery in this area (with its enchanting vineyards and rolling hills as far as the eye can see) would on its own make this a worthwhile site to visit. However, as we will soon see, this town has so much more to offer.‘

Unique Sites of Israel: Mount Gilboa

A visit to Mount Gilboa makes for a great outing. The region has much to offer, including stunning views, pastoral quiet, incredible hiking, biblical history, and ancient remains!

Unique Sites of Israel: Gihon Springs (Hezekiah Tunnels)

The “Hezekiah Tunnels”, where the Biblical “Gihon Spring” has flown through for 2600 years is where arguably the greatest miracle ever to take place occurred in the long history of the Jewish people.


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