Welcome to Biblical Mount Ebal

“Then Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel on Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30)”

Unique Sites of Israel: Gibeah of Benjamin (Tel El Ful)

Tel el Ful, rarely sees visitors but this unique treasure is our next stop.

Unique Sites of Israel: Beit El

It is always a good time to visit the, "House of G-d"

Biblical Animals of Animals which Surprisingly Once Live in Israel

5 INCREDIBLE animals which once roamed Israel-Lions, Tigers and Bears-OH, MY!

Unique Sites of Israel: Gate of Mercy (aka Shushan Gate and Eastern Gate)

On your next trip to Israel, a view of the Mercy Gate can definitely enhance your trip experience. May the holy Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days!

Biblical Anathoth (Anatot) and Ein (Spring) Prat

Today, let's visit two special biblical sites in the Judean Desert, as stunning as they are historic. The first is the town of Anatot (Anathoth) and the second is Ein Prat, a desert oasis...

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Kinneret & the Fertile fields of Ginosar

Come visit the prophesied site of the "End of Dayss' beforehand-less traffic; better parking

Unique Sites of Israel: Lot’s Wife: Sodom & Gomorrah

“G-d caused rain of sulfur and fire to fall on Sodom and on Gomorrah…(Lot’s) wife looked behind her and was turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:24-26)”

Biblical Animals of Israel: Part 2

5 INCREDIBLE Animals, Still Found in Israel’s Wild!

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Aphek: From the Ark of the Covenant to Alexander...

The obvious question is why there are so many buildings and fortifications from different time periods here?  Read on to learn the fascinating answer...

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Hatzor

Hazor, one of the premier archeological sites in Israel,  is the site to some of the most epic events of the Bible

Unique Sites of Israel” Biblical Maale (Ascent of) Adumim

Go to Maale Adumim to get the flavor of Israel-and a bit of Venice, Italy in the process

Unique Sites of Israel: Kedesh: The City of Refuge

“G-d spoke to Joshua saying…Prepare for yourselves the cities of refuge, about which I spoke to you through Moses, where a killer may flee – one who kills a person through carelessness, unintentionally…They designated Kedesh in the Galilee in the mountains of Naphtali (Joshua 20: 1-7)”

Unique Sites of Israel: The Jordan River

Today we are visiting one of my favorite sites: Qasr El Yehud (Arabic for break through point of the Jews) on the Jordan River, by far the most mentioned body of water in the bible (181 times). According to tradition, this is the exact spot where Joshua and the Children of Israel entered the holy land.

Unique Sites of Israel: Hill of Jonah in Ashdod

“And the word of G-d came to Jonah son of Amittai (Jonah 1:1)”

Unique Sites of Israel: A Mosaic Treasure at Ein Gedi!

The Synagogue from Roman/Byzantine times was only discovered in 1965, when workers of nearby Kibbutz Ein Gedi were plowing the field and found a well preserved Mosaic floor.

Jericho: Biblical Oasis of Dates

Wishing you all a Happy Hanuka. If you are lucky enought to be in Israel, enjoy the beautiful weather and-get out and tour ISRAEL!

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Maresha and Beit Guvrin

Go out and see Israel (OK, when it stops raining) Happy Tu B'Shvat!

Unique Sites of Israe: Biblical Carmel Mountains

Beautiful and biblically rich hiking through Israel's "Little Switzerland."

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Migdal (aka Magdala)

Migdal (along with the entire western coast of the Sea of Galilee) was given to the tribe of Naphtali.

Unique Sites of Israel: Jerusalem’s Biblical Broad Wall

Today, we will visit an important example of a site mentioned in Tanach (Bible), where G-d saved the Jewish people through an open miracle.

Unique Sites of Israel: Top 10 Archeological Discoveries in Israel from 2021

Many of last year’s incredible finds revolutionized our understanding of Israel’s rich past (including the Biblical era).

Unique Sites of Israel: Tel Motza

Beautiful, historic and easily accessible-go see Motza

Unique Sites of Israel: Tomb of Rachel

Today the site flourishes, with a full time Kollel (Talmudic Academy for Torah studies), a synagogue and even a hospitality corner with hot drinks and snacks!


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