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Unique Sites of Israel

    Unique Sites of Israel: Mount Tabor

    “North and South – You created them. Tabor and Hermon sing joyously in Your Name (Psalms 89:13)”

    Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part I

    When asked, which is my FAVORITE place to give a tour, the answer is one of the world’s oldest and holiest cities- HEVRON!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Tadmor (AKA Tamar)

    Beautiful day to get out and see the unique sites of Israel!

    Unique Sites of Israel: The Jordan River

    Today we are visiting one of my favorite sites: Qasr El Yehud (Arabic for break through point of the Jews) on the Jordan River, by far the most mentioned body of water in the bible (181 times). According to tradition, this is the exact spot where Joshua and the Children of Israel entered the holy land.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Kinneret & the Fertile fields of Ginosar

    Come visit the prophesied site of the "End of Dayss' beforehand-less traffic; better parking

    Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part IV

    The ongoing saga of the Jewish community in Hevron...

    Unique Sites of Israel

    WOW: Ancient Inscription Explicitly Mentioning King David Discovered

    Unique Sites of Israel: Ayalon Valley

    Today, we are visiting the enchanting Ayalon Park Canada. This centrally located park (roughly between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) has it all!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Aphek: From the Ark of the Covenant to Alexander...

    The obvious question is why there are so many buildings and fortifications from different time periods here?  Read on to learn the fascinating answer...

    Unique Sites of Israel: Jerusalem’s Biblical Broad Wall

    Today, we will visit an important example of a site mentioned in Tanach (Bible), where G-d saved the Jewish people through an open miracle.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Maresha and Beit Guvrin

    Go out and see Israel (OK, when it stops raining) Happy Tu B'Shvat!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Zorah: In the Footsteps of Samson

    Zohar was the hometown of Samson, the strongest man who ever lived

    Welcome to Biblical Mount Ebal

    “Then Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel on Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30)”

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Lachish

    The Governor’s home in Lachish is the largest palace ever found from Ancient Israel. Go out and see it for yourself.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Gath (Tel Tzafit)

    Another claim to fame for the ancient city was the fact that the holy Ark of the Covenant spent time here after the Philistines stole it

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical City of (Tel) Dan: Part 1

    Let's visit a wonderful biblical site which, in my opinion, is a contender for the title of Israel’s prettiest spot.

    Unique Sites of Israel: Tel Azekah

    Ever hear the story about David and Goliath? Wanna visit the site where it happened?

    Unique Sites of Israel: Tomb of Samuel the Prophet (Biblical Mizpah)

    Next time in Israel, if you’re looking for something special and centrally located (conveniently close to Jerusalem accommodations) you should certainly consider a visit!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Tel Dan: Part II

    King Rehoboam made the decision to establish two new temples, one in Beit El and the other in Dan, both of which included golden calf statues (1 Kings 12:28–29). He even made up his own holidays and declared himself a priest

    Unique Sites of Israel: Hill of Jonah in Ashdod

    “And the word of G-d came to Jonah son of Amittai (Jonah 1:1)”

    Biblical Animals of Animals which Surprisingly Once Live in Israel

    5 INCREDIBLE animals which once roamed Israel-Lions, Tigers and Bears-OH, MY!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Waters of Merom (Hula Valley)

    It is such a beautiful time of year to see Israel. Get out there!

    Unique Sites of Israel: Jerusalem’s Haas Promenade (the Tayelet)

    Take a promenade on the Haas Promenade for some of the very best views of the Old City and the Temple Mount


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