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Shades of Grey

Fiddler on the Roof moved some Jews to explore their roots; it actually led some to become observant

The Real Danger to Israel

Arab terrorism is not the cause of the problem to the State of Israel; it is the symptom.

Zero Tolerance for Terror

The gov't and courts must resolve to fight and prevent terror regardless of where/how it's committed

What Do They Mean She’s a ‘Settler’?

I showed my mother the headline about the stabbing. "A 'settler'? Why did they call her a settler?"

A Personal Message From Rav Yehudah Glick

Yehuda Glick wrote down a message for everyone this morning.

We Will Not be Bullied, Our Joy and Passion will Defeat Their Terror

The Arabic saying is that "whoever controls the Dome of the Rock, controls the world" - and they are afraid of losing their control and power. They see Jewish Jerusalem being built, and they see their own states falling apart, and they are scared.

Time to Legally Redefine Who’s an Israeli!

Although we in YESHA are loyal, law-abiding Israelis the gov't considers us "second class" citizens

You Know, Mom, This is the ‘West Bank’

"This can't be the 'West Bank,' that's ridiculous" my mother said to me.

Decentralizing Conversions in Israel

It is the acceptance of all Halacha that is important – not the immediate knowledge of them.

Solution for Calm and Peace on Har HaBayit

Everyone who wants to enter the Temple Mount must be inspected with equal vigilance.

The Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people‏

The Temple Mount has never belonged to Jordan or the Arab nations; It belongs to the Jewish people.

The Israeli-Arab Ice Age Begins

Even if every Jew in Israel were secular, we'd still be in a religious war with the Arab-Islamists, because for them this is a religious war for Islam's survival.

Police Protection [video]

Only in Israel does a police car [have to] drive in front of a light rail train providing a security escort against Arab terror.

Riding the Jerusalem Light-rail in Times of Terror

The streets of East Jerusalem were quiet. You could see more security than ordinary shoppers.

Amnesty International To Merge With Hamas (Satire)

“It’s a natural synergy of goals and talents,” says AI spokesman.

Orthodox Survival in Israel

Charedi poverty cannot be solved by only changing the system from one of learning to one of working

An Iron Dome for Every Israeli

Concrete barriers show that the Arabs have brought their desert into Jerusalem, but there is a solution.

When Deterrence Fails, Build a Wall [photos]

When you don't or won't implement a particularly effective deterrence plan to prevent terrorism, it appears the only step left is to wall yourself in.

Jewish Education and Moderation is the Key

Despite its shortcomings, Jewish education is the key not only to Jewish survival but to its growth.

Psaki Gets Pressured

The answers could make you "puke."

The USA is Not A Friend/Ally of Israel and Dangers of a “Palestine”‏

The US is strengthening terrorists, by calling them "moderates" and "peace partners."

Palestinians or Pale-STONE-ians?

The world awaits the "Pale-STONE-ians" abandoning the "Stone Age" for the Age of Peace & Love.

Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount Will Galvanize the Arabs to… to What Exactly?

What's the real reason the government is afraid to allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount?

Jerusalem of Cold

And I know in Israel you have to be psyched when it rains-but I'm not there yet.

Jews Must Be Allowed To Pray Freely on Har Habayit

Jews can't move their lips, carry a Bible or prayer book there - they WILL be arrested.

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