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The Sinai Lie

Sinai is not history, Sinai is a happening.

‘Israel Apartheid’ Lies Exposed

“Israel Apartheid” lies disseminated by Arab-Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi were recently exposed by Israeli think tank Regavim.

God Bless You Baroness Ashton for Leaving my Zeidi Alone

If you ask me, if fewer politicians tell me how much they regret my zeidi's murder it's a step in the right direction.

What Is It Really Like for a Baal Teshuva?

There is probably a lot going on in the mind of a Baal Teshuva that is left unsaid - but ought to be.

Who Called Whom a ‘Dog’?

If that Israeli wasn't in "occupied territory", would he still be a "dog" in Hamdallah's perception?

Women Wearing Tefillin Is Really Not Such a Big Deal

Some people are assuming the intentions of these women are less than perfect, but that’s complete conjecture.

The SodaStream Irony

SodaStream supports Palestinian Arab families every single day, a lot more than any leftist NGO.

‘Right to Life’ Strategy Pushing Adoptions, But Will They Pay Cash?

It comes down to how much are we prepared to pay, as a nation, to save the life of one fetus.

Accidents Happen

In both cases, professionals had been alerted prior to the tragedies.

Understanding their Pain

The reaction of Cardinal George was almost identical to the response of Orthodox Jewish institutional leaders.

Peace? With Whom? Does Anyone Care?

Peace isn't so simple. It's harder than curing cancer.

It Will Be Okay

I'll start by explaining that in Israel, a common phrase is "yehiye b'seder" - it will be okay.

Come Home, Ms. Shapiro, It’s All Good

Holy sister, you definitely qualify for Israeli citizenship – but are you interested?

Lies, Damn Lies, and MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi

It's unfortunate that the world takes every word from MK Tibi's mouth as sacred.

Found It!

Even though my eyes aren't the same, the glasses still work.

Bombshell: Obama Administration Threatened to Destroy Reporter’s Career

Van Susteren said that she had never before received a call to try and shut down a colleague.

Down with the ‘Land Swap’ Idea!!!!

When you have nothing to die for, you really don't have anything to live for.

We Are Not Under Attack By the LGBT Community

Orthodox Jews are free to teach Leviticus and we are free to deny any religious rights and privileges to anyone we so choose.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Plan to Destroy Zionism

"Zionism is based on racism, which carry the seeds of failure in itself."

Aliyah and Educating Sabra Children

"I don’t think my kids have any difficulties that are specific to the Israeli school system."

A Bangladesh Grows in Brooklyn

Mohammed beheaded Mahuddin Mahmud making it a case of Mohammed on Mohammed violence.

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