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The Sky is Falling!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Time for some more lockdowns??!! 

How the Grinch stole Yom Kippur and Sukkot

Anybody in their right mind tries to avoid appearing before the King and getting a judgment, but if you survive it, you get to the most joyous time of the Jewish year, Sukkot, with its party atmosphere and family time.

Is Tzom Gedaliah Canceled for 2020? — Pros and Cons

Today during our current epidemic, Doctors and Rabbis have stated that anyone over 60 is at great risk from this new flu (younger people don’t seem to be as affected). It is not much of a stretch than using common sense, that even if you are in good health, anyone over 60 should not fast, and of course, if you are not in good health, no matter what your age you should not fast.

“There’s No Place Like Home!”

They have to leave their old lives behind and not mourn for them but face a new world.

Vaccinated in Israel: Jews are Saving the World Again!

These four men (ALL Jews) are for now humanity’s hope. If they succeed, the world will be a healthier place.

The New Holy Water

Alcohol – We have gone from drinking it to rubbing it on ourselves

A Helper Against Him

The Torah envisions two sets of eyes facing each other. Sometimes in agreement, sometimes in disagreement, as long as they are opposite each other. This was G-d’s plan to avoid loneliness,

Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

The Ten Commandments present a realistic portrayal of love and how to live harmoniously with people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Bible’s First Knockdown: Noah on the Ark

AND 5 Biblical figures that Overcame Adversity (plus 1 that didn’t)

The Vaccine. Let’s Get Real

I got the vaccine today and did not turn into a monkey (but I still like bananas).

The Courage to Say ‘No!’

Abraham had to have the courage to challenge G-d if his descendants were to challenge human rulers, as Moses and the Prophets did.

‘If you spot it you got it!’

One have to have a connection to be able to 'spot' it in others and when it triggers a negative response, it is because one is denying it in oneself.

The $750 question

Reporting only part of the Facts-Lies at election time.

Acts of Compassion for the Victims of Lockdowns that Do Not Work

Divorced from facts, reality, and reason, compassion can lead to actions that do more harm than good. Harming people through lockdown measures, even if done in the name of compassion, is still harming people.

The Tzadik Taxi Driver

Obviously, I needed to go to some time of emergency room to get some fast treatment. But it was Shabbat.

The Mask: The loss of our smiles!

As is true regarding everything in life, nothing is perfect, and ZOOM, which is great, gives each individual participant options to mute oneself and to turn off the video, leaving a black screen with just a name identifying the person. There are many advantages to this for the participant. He/she can take phone calls, eat and drink without disturbing others, and play games instead of focus on the Zoom class. The shutting down of the video camera decreases and almost eliminates the connection that we so desire and cherish. The ability to see a person’s face allows for a meaningful ‘connection’ to each participant. Without, Zoom becomes just a taped Youtube class.

My Family Connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My family connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who became a Dr, because of help from my great Uncle.

ELUL: ‘E-veryone L-onging U-nti-L Next Year

Be good as a person, as an individual, and your part of the world will become holy. Then, if others emulate you, the world will suddenly and automatically turn beautiful and hallowed. It is Elul.

The Jewish Calendar: How Jewish Holidays are Based

New Year brings a new calendar. Here is a quick review. Shana Tova!


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