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American Jewish Organizations as Zionists– New to Me!‏

In the 1960's NCSY promoted Torah observance, Shabbat, kashrut etc but not aliyah, moving to Israel.

‘Kiddush’ HaShem in the Jewish Quarter-L’Chaim!

The Arab shopkeeper answered quite frankly that Hamas would burn down his house if he did not comply

A Soldier’s Mother: Defiant…Determined…Dedicated…‏

The People of Israel Live: We are defiant; we are determined; and most of all, we are dedicated.

Making Plans with Fear in the Air

Whatever government "branders" decide to call Arabs daily killing innocent Jews it's a war of terror

The Right Choice

At YU, Torah's the 'Ikkar' but 'Mada' is close behind, it is to be valued & studied; it's YU’s motto

Arabs are Guilty, NOT Israel!

How long will it take for Israelis to understand that we are NOT the cause of the Arab terrorism?


Two Arabs paid their fare and then made Alon "pay the price of peace" (Shimon Peres), killing Alon.

A Soldier’s Mother: Beersheva Terror Attack Moments Ago‏

7 victims: 4 policemen, 1 soldier, 2 civilians. All to carry scars for life.

Breslovs Go In, But They Don’t Come Out… [video]

A Breslov convoy snuck into Shechem last night to go to Joseph's Tomb. Some got caught by the PA Police, were beat up, and eventually released.

Blaming the Jews

Jews get stabbed in Israel and Sec'y of State Kerry says it’s about the settlements. What nonsense!

Women – and Charedi Publications

Erasing women from the public square sends a very negative message to young girls in that society.

An Open Letter to the World

Dear World: This morning, a Palestinian woman blew herself up on the road that goes past my city.

Here To Say We’re Here To Stay

If Palestinians punch, they get scolded; if Israelis punch back, they get international condemnation

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

wouldn't it be so nice if Israel could just live in peace? REAL peace...

One Attack at a Time

When you are a soldier's mother, you cope by learning the concept of "one day at a time."

NY Times “Dig” Contra the Temple Mount

Agenda driven pseudo-science by NY Times reporter Gladstone doesn't withstand any authentic scrutiny

They Wanted to Be Martyrs, So Why the Arab Rage after We Send Them...

"Arabs are not the sons of the desert, but its father," Sir Claude Jarvis, British Governor of Sinai from 1923

Josh Earnest Wants Us All to Just Get Along‏

"So, I heard your recent statement about the..um...violence in Israel and I just had to write to tell you. Josh, you're an idiot."

Hero of the Day: Yair Ben Shabbat

Yair Ben Shabbat pulled out his nunchaku and attacked the terrorist on the bus...

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Brutal Lynching of 2 IDF Soldiers in...

On October 12, 2000, two IDF reservists were lynched; brutally beaten and mutilated by a Palestinian Arab mob in Ramallah, Samaria. Yosef Avrahami, aged...

The End of Yemen’s Jews

Yemen declared all Jews there must convert to Islam, leave, or be killed. 180 Jews still live there.

Letter to Our Son, the Soldier

In a world that lives by the sword, Israel must take up the sword too, not sit and pray for miracles

Too Many Terror Victims-Need Scorecard‏

Arabs who attack/promote/sympathize with attacking Jews (especially MKs) must be prosecuted fully!

Keeping A Sense of Humor

The terrorist was killed by a bullet to the center of his forehead; not surprisingly it hit no brain

Netanyahu’s Status Quo is the Problem

Netanyahu doesn't understand that to the Arabs the Temple Mount status quo is a statement of weakness and fear.

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