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It’s Been 9 Years

16 Av 5774 – August 11, 2014
9 years ago this week, the Israeli government forced 8,000 Jews from their homes and lives in Gaza.

To My Facebook Friends: “I Apologize!”

15 Av 5774 – August 10, 2014
Jews do not go quietly to their deaths anymore.That confuses those who wax nostalgic.

Israeli Southerners to the Government: “Put Your Money/Children Where Your Mouth Is!”‏

Israelis in the south invite government officials including Bibi, to move to their neck of the woods

How to Fight the Anti-Israel Propaganda

Show me when an Arab Palestine State ever existed and in what year was it occupied by Israel

IEC Transfered Generators to Gaza Hospitals

12 Av 5774 – August 8, 2014
In a unique operation, IEC transfered 10 generators to hospitals in Gaza.

What Would Ben & Jerry Name an Ice Cream After Operation Protective Edge?

11 Av 5774 – August 7, 2014
Rocket Road, Tunnel crunch, Kerry Cherry-pit, Weapons Cashew, Iron Dough, Terror-misu... Add your own...

Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields

11 Av 5774 – August 6, 2014
The discovery of a Hamas “urban warfare” manual by IDF forces reveals Hamas’ callous use of Gazans

A Girl with Two Homes

Today is a month since I made aliyah! Was it only one month ago that I landed in Ben Gurion, clutching my teudat zehut,...

Nu, Who Won?‏

10 Av 5774 – August 5, 2014
Israel isn't willing to take over Gaza; it just keeps on doing "maintenance work."

Victory is Ours


Israel’s Deepest Tunnel Found near Lebanon

8 Av 5774 – August 3, 2014
The UN expressed "shock" when their inspectors discovered ancient explosives and primitive Hamas rockets hidden inside the cave.

Build the Beit HaMikdash!

This model follows the Rambam’s description in Hilchos Beis HaBechirah; set to a scale of 1mm to one cubit.

OU Solidarity Mission – Epilogue and Afterthoughts

Here in Israel there are the many who load up their cars with food, and drink and candy and books to deliver them to soldiers and communities in the south.

This is Why Hamas is Fighting Israel…

5 Av 5774 – August 1, 2014
JoeSettler uncovers the ultimate goal of Hamas in this war...

Dumb Question: If We Just Have a Ceasefire and Then Return to “Status Quo,”...

4 Av 5774 – July 30, 2014
Why would Israel want a ceasefire. It would just signify our weakness that we blinked first.

Linking Battlefield and Yeshiva

Please, the Yeshiva boys should pray and study more and harder for this endangered young soldier!

Let Us Not Lose This Moment

2 Av 5774 – July 29, 2014
Israeli's are a religious people; even secular Jews believe that God is active in this world.

“If I knew him I might love him.”

The beauty of a Jew is his relationship to other Jews and his involvement with Medinat Yisrael.

A Minyan of the Dead

A ceasefire not only gives Hamas a victory, it will destroy the morale of the IDF and the country.

If The USA Were a Good Friend of Israel’s, It Would Make Our Needs...

1 Av 5774 – July 28, 2014
So-called US military aid props up US military industries while disposing of surplus supplies.

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