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Doesn’t the UN Security Council have More Important Things To Focus On?‏

For further proof that there's no justice for Jews in this world, the United Nations Security sic Council is planning to meet about Israel's...

Where Are the Jewish Organizations?

The AlephBet soup of American Jewish organizations must demand an apology and retraction from the Obama Administration to the Jewish People for this crass and vulgar insult to the leader of the Jewish People.

The Fight Over Charedi Leadership in Israel

How bad is it? It is a battle royal tearing at the very heart of the yeshiva world.

Living in Muslim Countries or Muslim-Administrated Places, No “Picnic”

Zionism brought Yesha to life, attracting Jews and Arabs to the area.

Knesset Eco-Terrorism Bill Hurts Shoppers, Hurts Environment and Hurts Pocketbook

The "bag tax" is eco-terrorism against the Israeli consumer. Have our MK's reviewed any studies on its environmental impact, or is it all just touchy-feely?

State’s Psaki Avoids It: Terror

MS. PSAKI: He asked me if we thought he (molotov-cocktail throwing Arab-US citizen was a terrorist, and I said no.

Should Israel Strive to Thrive or to Please the Americans?‏

The best locations for more housing is Yesha and Jerusalem because of convenience and low land cost

A Light Amongst the Nations

Weeping for the heroism of our soldiers, the miracle of our return home, the endless years of exile

U.S. Government Cares More for Dead TIT (Terrorist in Training) than Murdered Tot!

A terror attack and a legitimate policing action are not equal. There's never an excuse for terror.

My Mother’s Glasses

She taught me to love: learning Torah; the power of tefilah; the beauty of Shabbos; our homeland, Eretz Yisrael;

Taking Charity for a Living

In the vast majority of cases, they are truly people in need, the fraudulent have been weeded out,

Chodesh Tov! Lesson From Biblical Shiloh, Prayer and Human Nature‏

Shiloh, where the Mishkan stood for near 400 years, was the spiritual capital of the Jewish Nation.

“Calm” is The Dumbest, The Most Dangerous Response to Arab Terrorism!!!

Arab terrorism against Jews and the State of Israel is not something we should be "calm" about.

Latest Arab Terror Attack in Jerusalem, Too Similar to “Mine”

The headlines refused to scream "ARAB TERROR ATTACK;" instead the phrase "Suspected Terror Attack."

Israel-Focused Political Pundit and Blogging‏

I've heard many times I write what others think, making them extremely happy; that's why I continue.

About the 23rd

Though secular, Hitman's CV includes writing music for, recording, and popularizing religious songs.

A Tikun Olam of High Caliber

Kids bring in the light and let out the darkness through breathing exercises; it changes people.

The Giving Pledge and the Tuition Crisis

If I make a million dollars in 2 weeks, how can I observe something like this and sit by quietly?”

The World Wouldn’t Care if Israel was Destroyed, G-d Forbid‏

How long will it take for Israel and the Jewish World to admit that we are in very serious danger?

Closing the Book on the Ban

The zealots who engineered the ban have been publicly disgraced.

I Wanted to Boycott Something Palestinian, Here is Why I Failed and So Will...

I am sick and tired of this one way street boycott! Time to boycott all products developed or invented in the Palestinian controlled areas! Let's start with......umm....

“Why on EARTH did you Move to Israel?”

Such an incredible miracle to have Israel, it's crazy that every Jew isn't clamoring to live here!

Israeli Traffic: A solution‏

Driving is cultural. I come from a place with incredibly polite and safe drivers, unlike Israel.

Simchat Torah and Creativity

My difficulties persisted until I met a beggar outside a restaurant after Tisha B'Av 12 years ago.

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