Habayit Hayehudi Picks former IDF Chief Rabbi as New Leader

During his military service, Rabbi Peretz criticized the expulsion of thousands of Jewish homesteaders from the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu Urging Smotrich to Unite with Former Shas Leader to Beat Threshold

Netanyahu is trying to avoid an election outcome in which the Likud increases it mandates while losing its potential right-wing partners to the threshold.

Record at a Glance: NJ Sen. Cory Booker’s Mixed Record on Israel

Booker, 49, who represents a state with more than half a million Jews, labeled BDS as an “anti-Jewish movement.”

Israel Warns Hamas: Upcoming Elections Won’t Stop a War

It's clear that once Qatari funds are in Hamas coffers, the violence and number of rioters at the border likewise grows exponentially.

Balad Chair: Party is ‘Inseparable Part of Palestinian National Movement’

Zahalka slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands."

This Just In: Feiglin Passes Threshold

Here's another doozie: Both Avigdor Liberman and his nemesis Ahmad Tibi get only 3 seats and walk into the setting sun, probably not hand in hand.

Report: Bibi Weighing Union with Bennett, Shaked

Bennett, along with Ayelet Shaked, were among those Bibi threw to the dogs, after they had run the campaign that brought him back to power after 10 years in exile.

Ahead of Elections: Mandelblit to Indict Netanyahu on Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust

"It appears that the attorney general has yielded to pressure from the left and the media to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu at any cost – and before the elections."

For the First Time in More than a Decade, Israel Could Replace Its Prime...

Gantz could win a whopping 69 endorsements to the president, making him the next prime minister of Israel.

Netanyahu in Surprise Inspection of IDF Emergency Supply Depot

Netanyahu plans to continue to hold inspections of IDF bases in the coming weeks, as he is studying the recommendations of Major General (res.) Yitzhak Brick's report on serious failures in the army.

Gantz’s Opening Speech Mired in Militarism, Lavishes Empty Promises

Gantz got down to the business of establishing that he is not a leftist, which in Israeli politics is traditionally done through threatening the enemies of the Jewish State, all of them.

Israeli Lawmaker: Investigate PA Involvement in Israel’s Elections

The PA's Ramallah TV is running election campaign broadcasts to Israeli-Arabs.

Roseanne Buddies with Miri Regev in Old City Streets

Anyone out there wants to start a petition? Draft Roseanne to the Knesset?

Bennett on the Attack: ‘Gantz Doesn’t Know How to Win’

"The question is who will be in the cabinet alongside Netanyahu – Gantz or Bennett. Ganz is a good man, but his strategy of playing to draw is dangerous for Israel."

Key Document on Bezeq Could Clear Netanyahu in Case 4,000

Newly released minutes of June 2015 Communications Ministry meeting show regulators signed off on controversial Bezeq-Yes merger deal only after drawn-out process spanning a decade.

Likud Blocks Sharon’s Son’s Primaries Run, Cites Role in Gush Katif Transfer

Sharon, together with his father, left the Likud for the Kadima party when most Likud members refused to deport Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.

Qatari Envoy Tells Hamas Israel Is Prepared for War in Gaza

There's little doubt that an all-out Israeli pounding of the Gaza Strip would add a few seats to the Likud party.

American Jews Become a Little Less Safe with Democratic Contenders Courting Sharpton

The thug was officially mainstreamed, and as such became completely legitimate in his role as leftist kingmaker.

Survey: Indictments Would Cost Netanyahu 5 Seats

Should Netanyahu fail to cobble together a coalition government, then either Gantz or Lapid would have to invite Kahlon into their government.

Record at a Glance: California Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris on Jewish Issues

Harris voted against the nomination of David M. Friedman in March 2017 to be U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Report: Habayit Hayehudi Contemplated Suicide

Party CEO Nir Auerbach became Persona non grata to some members when it turned out he had been in on the Bennett-Shaked parlor trick.

Netanyahu Attacks Mandelblit Directly over ‘Questionable Timing’ of TV Interview

The AG allegedly told his circle: "The talking points come directly from above, the prime minister is dragging the entire country down with him, it's sad and it will hurt all of us."

Gantz Launches Tepid Campaign as Latest Poll Gives Likud 33 Seats

40% of respondents think Gantz is a central figure, 23% define him as a leftist and 11% as a rightist. 26% said they simply didn't know.

Latest Poll: Likud Rising to 32 Seats, Gantz Down, Tzipi Livni Disappears

Netanyahu continues to lead Gantz and Lapid as the favorite to be the next PM.

Labor Lawmakers Won’t Run Again in April

Current political polls indicate that Labor is not doing well, and may not even reach double digits in Knesset seats this election year.


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