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Rabin’s Right To Live

Those who called for Rabin's death are no better than the assassin who pulled the trigger.

The News: How it’s Reported Can Completely Color What its Consumers Think They Know

Journalists, reporters, editors, photographers have a huge influence on what people THINK they know.

Would Your Great Grandparents Believe This?

Latest attempted stabbing reveals we've come a long way, but enemies continue trying to kill us.

Celebrating a “Challah-day”

A challah bake at the Kotel! Women made or brought challah dough to the Kotel & braided together!

Executing Arab Terrorists on The Spot: Good or Bad?

What I'm saying is that there is nothing wrong in shooting a terrorist to kill him.

The Epidemic of Arab Terror and its Cure

Bloodlust and incitement drives them, but what turns a single terror act into a raging epidemic of Arab terror?

The Krembo Response!‏

All over Israel today, people are laughing and smiling… It’s a bit ironic because honestly, we’re going through some rough times. A man who had...

Israel Must Stop Underestimating the Arab Enemy!

The Arabs tell the truth when they say that they are out to destroy the State of Israel!

Emes Ve-Emunah: The Equality of Women in Judaism

Advocates argue, since today's semicha is different, we should not fear ordaining women as Rabbis

Rabin Conspiracy Theories, Realistic?

The assassination has been used to condemn Israel's pro-Jewish Life in-all-the-Land-of-Israel Right

A Soldier’s Mother: When the Arabs Make Our Point Better Than We Ever Can

The Left's shifting to the Right;the Right welcomes them because regardless of side we're one people

Emes Ve-Emunah: On the Anniversary of His Assassination

Who can forget that vile handshake between Rabin & Arafat? A handshake forced upon Rabin by Clinton

Walking in the Rain…‏

It's raining outside-what would you bring?

Has the “Wave of Terror” Waned?

There's a limit to how long Israelis will stay home, we're already back in the streets even at night

Mishpacha Magazine Did NOT Beg Terrorists To Not Murder Hareidim

No one actually bothered to read the entire article, or understand what the author was trying to actually say. We welcome Mishpacha to social media.

It Doesn’t Hurt

On Har HaBayit, Arabs play, have picnics, humiliate us and call for our death while our police watch

Emes Ve-Emunah: I Love Lucy

There are Arab Muslims like Lucy Aharish. Probably a lot more than most of us realize. Fortunately.

Arab Terror and Its Supporters Are Equally Guilty!‏

Zionism brought not only Jewish People returning to Biblical Holyland, Arabs came for $ opportunity

Bibi Capitulates Yet Again!‏

Why should we keep The Temple Mount safe for a bunch of vicious anti-Jewish/Israeli terrorists?

American Jewish Organizations as Zionists– New to Me!‏

In the 1960's NCSY promoted Torah observance, Shabbat, kashrut etc but not aliyah, moving to Israel.

‘Kiddush’ HaShem in the Jewish Quarter-L’Chaim!

The Arab shopkeeper answered quite frankly that Hamas would burn down his house if he did not comply

A Soldier’s Mother: Defiant…Determined…Dedicated…‏

The People of Israel Live: We are defiant; we are determined; and most of all, we are dedicated.

Making Plans with Fear in the Air

Whatever government "branders" decide to call Arabs daily killing innocent Jews it's a war of terror

The Right Choice

At YU, Torah's the 'Ikkar' but 'Mada' is close behind, it is to be valued & studied; it's YU’s motto

Arabs are Guilty, NOT Israel!

How long will it take for Israelis to understand that we are NOT the cause of the Arab terrorism?

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