You Saw it Here First: Morsi’s Call for War on Israel

    The JewishPress.com was the first major English language Jewish/Israel news publication to have the story about the video.

    The Likud’s Top 35: List Breakdown

    The top 35 of the Likud's Knesset list and which spots are what.

    Danny Ayalon Shows his True Colors

    Ayalon's new position on the Palestinian statehood doesn't quite match his prior criticism of the Palestinian's bid for statehood at the UN.

    The Likud’s Alleged Rightward Shift

    In depth analysis of the Likud's final list for the Knesset (part I in a series).

    Our Egyptian Ally: More Confusion from Obama

    Soon after the attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan criticized President Obama for lack a clear and forceful message to the world. Soon after, the administration provided another example of why this was true, with Obama stating that Egypt was neither friend nor foe, while the State Department confirmed that Egypt is indeed an ally.

    The Right Brought Oslo: What Does Dayan Mean?

    In 1992, the Tehiya Party brought down Shamir's government over the Madrid Conference, leading to Labor's victory and the signing of the Oslo Accords.

    The City of ‘East Jerusalem’

    East Jerusalem has become code for: where Jews shouldn't be.

    The Future Coalition and the Israeli Right

    Like Liberman before, Lapid will likely be Netanyahu's major partner as under almost any coalition figuration Yesh Atid can bring down the coalition.

    Argo and Benghazi

    In the version of events provided by Argo, it wasn't radical Islamists who stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran, but the Iranian people as a whole.

    No Red Lines: Another US Rejection of Israel’s Security Concerns on Iran

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an interview stating that the U.S. would not be setting any deadlines for Iran.

    Morsi’s Non-Apology Apology Appears to Satisfy US

    As predicted here, Mori's anti-Israel rants will have no affect on U.S. policy of aiding Egypt's transition to an Islamist democracy-dictatorship.

    So Why are Voters Still Choosing Obama?

    Last week's U.S. presidential debate was a victory for Romney on all accounts, especially if one judges by the closing statements, where Obama couldn't muster any specific reason why voters should re-elect him aside from the fact that he was trying really hard as president. Looking at polls on how people view the candidates, I’m beginning to wonder why it is that Obama leads Romney in national polls and whether that is going start to change in a big way.

    Donald Trump Endorses Netanyahu (Video)

    Trump even works in the Likud's election slogan, "A strong prime minister is a strong Israel."

    Theory of Palestinian Centrality no Longer Viable

    With Muslims attacking American embassies in the Middle East and rioting all over the world over an obscure youtube video, the U.S. State Department and the E.U. can no longer seriously contend that anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism are due to support for Israel or the fact that a Palestinian state has not been established or an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord has been signed.

    So You Say You Want a US Style Constitution in Israel…

    Let's face it, people here don't vote for representatives. Party bosses and power players do.

    Can the Likud Survive without the ‘Feinschmeckers’?

    In depth analysis of the Likud's final list for the Knesset (part II in a series).

    Channel 10 Poll: Likud-Beitenu Down to 32; Jewish Home 14; Power for Israel 2

    The Channel 10 report included the fact that none of the Likud's district candidates would get in and even MK Carmel Shama could be on the chopping bloc.

    Prematurely Celebrating Romney’s Victory

    Despite Obama’s poor debate performance, Romney’s rising likability numbers and voters saying he would better handle the economy – and two more polls which give him a significant bump since the debate – there is reason to fear that voters will still not vote against the incumbent.

    Mitt, Supporting Palestinian Statehood is NOT Pro-Israel

    Mitt Romney seems to have a genuinely friendly view towards Israel, which he has made clear in various public statements and his recent visit to Israel. Yet, in his foreign policy address yesterday, he adopted the position which is at the heart of U.S. pressure on Israel: supporting Palestinian statehood.

    Bennett’s Unholy Alliance with Lapid

    Not exactly what Jewish Home voters thought they would get on election day.

    Admitting the Mistake of the Disengagement

    On Sunday, Wall Street Journal editor and columnist Bret Stephens did what too many need to do: own up to the mistake of supporting the Disengagement Plan.

    The Other MKs Who Didn’t Make it into the Likud’s Top 25

    In depth analysis of the Likud's final list for the Knesset (part III in a series).

    No Red Lines: The Prime Minister Strikes Back

    The U.S. reiterated its rejection of Israel's call for "clear red lines." Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded, saying those "who refuse to put red lines in front of Iran, don't have a moral right to put a red light in front of Israel." Here is the Prime Minister in his own words - responding to a reporter's question about the State Department's position:

    What ‘War’ with Iran is Biden Talking About?

    Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently warned that, “The results of an American or Israeli military strike on Iran could, in my view, prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations in that part of the world.” During Thursday's Vice Presidential debate the statement was read to Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan  at the start of segment on Iran. What exactly Gates meant by “catastrophic” I’m not sure (Muslim/Middle East resentment towards the U.S.? Lack of access to oil? Increase in global terrorism?), but during the debate, both Biden and debate moderator Martha Raddatz seemed to argue that it meant going to war with Iran.

    The Non-Member Observer ‘State’ of Palestine

    The entire concept of non-member observers has no bearing on international law.

    In 2010, Morsi Called for War Against Israel (Video)

    As if you needed proof that the new Egypt is an enemy lying in wait.

    Understanding Israel’s ‘Deal System’

    While the Israeli media wrongly claimed that the Likud had made an extreme shift to the right in recent primaries, some commentators were correcting in observing the existence of a deal-system. (Part IV in a series about the Likud primaries).

    New York Times’ Jerusalem Chief Admits Anti-Israel Bias

    Even after the New York Times issued a remarkable correction, the paper's bureau chief claims she was essentially correct in writing that construction in E-1 would cut Judea and Samaria in two.

    The UN: That Explains It, They’re All Drunk!

    A US diplomat proposed that UN negotiating rooms be 'inebriation-free zones.'

    Will the Likud Remain Democratic?

    The institution of party primaries in Israel needs to be expanded not shrunk, so that the government will be under the supervision of the people from which it derives power and the moral authority to govern.


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