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Emes Ve-Emunah: A Women Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

All candidates pledge support of Israel but relations will most improve with a Republican like Rubio

The World According to Anti-Semites

Anti-Semitism is the underlying source of numerous/all acts against Israel and Jews around the world

The Unabashed Zionist

Pessin's began The Unabashed Zionist blog because an "unabashed Zionist is better than a bashed one"

A Soldier’s Mother: My Israel

My Israel is the only place I have ever felt home; the only place I have never wanted to leave.

Let Them Have The Kotel- If We Can Have Har Habayit!!

It's time for Jews to have full religious and civil rights to hold Jewish Prayer on Har Habayit!!

A Soldier’s Mother: Israel At the Forefront of Maternity / Paternity Rights

Mothers still take the first 6 weeks, but fathers can now take up to 8 paid days as paternity leave

Egalitarian Jews and Islamist Fanaticsm

The "Price" for a share of the Western Wall.

Shiloh Musings: The Myth of Israel’s Foreign Allies

A "YES" vote to the UN Partition Plan on Nov.29, 1947 did not constitute being an ally

Shiloh Musings: Bernie Sanders: Good for Israel or Jews?

the "situation," in Israel as I do, don't vote Democrat. And I strongly doubt that they'd change their minds to try to put a Jew in the White House.

A Soldier’s Mother: What Next Summer Will Bring…

My Prayer: Israel-flood the tunnels; God-Let Hamas' missiles land and explode inside their borders

Emes Ve-Emunah: Restoring Our Image as a Light unto Nations

How disappointing it is that a declaration made about Jewish ethics in Jewish leadership is needed.

Shiloh Musings: P.A. Cop Shoots Israeli Soldiers, Act of War?

It's about time that Israel stops deluding itself about negotiating peace with the "Palestinians"

A Soldier’s Mother: The Importance of Home

The trick with a soldier is to send him to base with a piece of home as a reminder of what's waiting

A Soldier’s Mother: To be Grateful; To be Blessed

"Today, I am grateful for..." To say that EVERY day of one's life defeats one's enemies.

Remembering Dark Days

I walked out of Majdanek concentration camp knowing that decades ago, no one else was able to.

There’s Hope for the Left After All

When a Meretz councilwoman is thoroughly rebuked by her own constituency for her anti-religious hatred, it means there's hope after all.

Shiloh Musings: Has Labor’s Herzog Suddenly Gotten Smart?

Did you notice that Herzog said unilateral withdrawals are dangerous?! Maybe he is catching on!

A Soldier’s Mother: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

You want to remember the Holocaust, Europe? Great but please work harder at preventing the next one

The Perfect, Most Important Post You’ll Ever Read

As usual after tragedies and attacks, Israelis are united--if not in hope, than in pain and in anger

Felons, Funding, Fooling, Failing

So long as Abbas and his cronies rule, there's no hope for tolerance or non-violence from their side

Is Getting Married Younger the Answer?

Should young people be advised to marry before they are ready just to solve the shidduch crisis?

Truth About Latest Israel ‘Settler’ Controversy: Hebron IS Occupied Territory

Hebron’s actual "occupation" began 87 years ago when Arab terrorists massacred the city's Jews

Different Style; Same Smile

I hope in time people look past my sheitl to see the fun/silly/daft & sometimes stupid real me again

In the Hope of Inter-Religious Coexistence

My desire is from the bitter shall come sweetness; that barriers and fears will be shed with dialogue

Opening Night! Very Off Broadway

A new play telling the exciting story of Avaraham Stern-man of letters and man of action!

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