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Summer’s End

If the world's winds of hatred bring Jews to Israel we are ready, joyfully offering them a home here

Powerful Knowledge or Blissful Ignorance?

At what age should the realization start setting in for kids that we live in an uncertain society?

When Is A Dolphin a…Zionist Spy?‏

Spain's SeaWorld canceled Zionist-spy dolphin's performance unless it supports a Palestinian state

Shabbat Revolution in Israel‏

Shabbat afternoon soccer games, a tradition in Israel's league, may become a thing of the past.

Business Decisions that Negatively Impact the Public

Calling the Jewish Press‘closest thing to a frum English-language weekly’ insults the publication

Why Israel Will Never Be Defeated‏

So long as Jews dance for the sheer pleasure of thanking God, Israel will never be defeated!

Antisemitism = Crime Against Humanity‏

Matisyahu was bounced from a music festival because he wouldn't sign pro-BDS, anti-Israel manifesto.

Danny Danon’s Big Test in The UN

Danon is still young, perhaps one day he'll succeed Bibi. Representing Israel in UN is good training

Nuclear Iran, Not Just Israel’s Problem‏

I think it has been a major tactical mistake for Israel to consider Iran a particularly Israeli problem. And it is of crucial importance...

In Defense of Ambassador Danny Danon

The very challenges that most irk Netanyahu about Danon, are the skills that will make him successful in the UN.

Can American Jewry Be Saved?

Professor Cohen's quotes statistics proving Reform & Conservative Judaism are in free fall.

“Democracy” is Not The Main Aim of the State of Israel‏

When Israel's Left cries that Israel's mission is to be a secular democracy, they're wrong or lying.

Why Do They Leave?

Most that struggle abandon observance altogether. Why did these 3 remain observant?

Just a Thought…

When my cousin Rabbi Kupinsky was beheaded by Arabs this year in Har Nof his killers were celebrated

What Now?

Rivlin has visited Arab victims of Israeli attacks, declaring that "his people are terrorists"

A No Good, Very Bad Deal

I'm a realist; When an enemy screams "Death to Israel! Death to America!" I take it seriously.

I Want an Apology from Barack Obama

Yesterday, I wrote a mealy-mouthed piece entitled, Obama/Fareed Agree: Bibi is Pushy, Inappropriate. Why mealy-mouthed? Because I wanted to say so much more. I wanted...

The Jewish Attitude Towards the Non Jew

Esav Sonei L'Yaakov: Is this how we should think of all non Jews?

Diplomatic Isolation, Good or Bad for Israel?

Considering the difficult Israel-US history, why does the myth of US friendship&superiority persist?

Retaliation/Revenge and Terrorism are Not Equivalents

Frustration & anger is high amongst Israeli Jews. Our judicial & diplomatic systems favor the Arabs

Superficial Judaism

Judaism isn't a part-time religion. Every aspect of life has a Jewish connection.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Basic Education Will Improve Their Lives

Surprisingly, many Hareidi communities do not advocate full time Kollel study for life as the ideal.

To Be Or Not To Be – That Is The Question

“You’ve been out on enough dates, are you going to marry him?” Many times I’ve choked at this point.

Remembering Israel

What is left to say when a 16 year-old is dead? How will her mother and family endure without her?

Disproportionate: Arab Terrorism versus Jewish Responses

Compare the numbers. Disproportionately too many Arab attacks on Jews have been happening.

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