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“A Turkey can Eat From a Plate and Still be a Turkey” and …

Fishman uses his talents in media, writing on religious & life-style topics & teaching Screenwriting

You CAN Be a Mercaznik and Still Like the Stories of Rebbe Nachman

Rav Kook often studied Rebbe Nachman's writings with guests during Suedat Shleeshi meal on Shabbat

Orthodoxy – Then and Now

The religious parties’ agenda is to undo the progress they saw as regress made in the last Keneset

Just as I was Praying Out-loud to Restore Jewish Worship on The Temple Mount..

It's time for Jewish-Israeli Sovereignty in all of the Land of Israel!!

The Blessing of Mutual support

A son passing in our community is a loss to all its families; it's a loss felt by our nation

This Could Be a Great (and Stable) Coalition

The more the Left whines about this coalition, the more optimistic we all should be.

Bibi’s Newest Government– Can it Last?

Bibi first gets the most difficult potential partners to sign, only then he signs his natural allies

Bibi’s All Time Worst Coalition

You'd think Bibi'd be better at coalition building but he isn't. The incoming government's a new low

The Misinformation of Lauryn Hill

Hill's Israel concert was selling tickets for months. Had she even planned a concert in Ramallah?

Bragging about Israel‏

If you leave it to the world news, you'd never know the numerous miracles Israel's doing in Nepal...

Will Wining the Battle Mean Losing the War?

There are encouraging reports of increased enrollment in Charedi army and educational programs

The Problem is Not Discrimination Against Ethiopians

The problem isn't police violence against Ethiopians. The problem is police violence.

How Soon, God Forbid, Is The Next War?

Gazan terrorists use cement that Israel sent to build schools&hospitals for a complex tunnel network

Implement the Grave Responsibilities of the Government‏

What do we want from government? True leadership that realizes placating others is not the solution.

Judaism and Christianity – Blurring the Lines

Rav Riskin’s desire to strengthen ties with Christians is pure but his methods have crossed lines

How Much Time is Your Life Worth?

A minute and a half? What if the kids are upstairs with earphones on and they don't hear the siren?

Stirring Trouble Here in Israel

My gut says it's the New Israel Fund behind the violent demonstrations by Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Holy Sticks

If some Israeli cops got a Jewish education & learned to love Jews, Israel would be a better place

Apartheid, The Truth‏

Today's world and a shocking amount of Jews and Israelis support apartheid against Jews in of Israel

Peter Beinart’s Bilaam Moment

Let's revel in Peter Beinart's unintended "Ma Tovu" praise of the Jewish state: "It’s modern; it’s democratic; it’s pro-American."

How Does an Orthodox Jew Make a Movie?

Point is, the eyes are the soul's windows and forbidden images, face it or not, pollute a Jew’s soul

Who’s Helping Nepal?

Israel has sent almost as many people to help Nepal, as the entire world combined.

Dirty Shoes

Who dreamed of Jews hiding behind concrete in our renewed beloved land? Is this the best we can do?

Will There Ever Be a President Hillary Clinton?

Hilary standing by her man through thick, thin, blondes, redheads&brunettes won't get votes in 2016

When You Don’t Stand

By not standing you are drawing distinctions between religious & secular, AND religious & religious.

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