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    2050 CE: Annexation Any Day Now, Assures Bibi

    “I think he means it,” argued Yesha Freier of the nationalist Jewish Right at Home Party.

    New Party Just Aggregator Of Other Parties

    “Being an aggregator and posing as something original isn’t even original,” he added. “Tzipi Livni did it first.”

    Now 40, Islamic Republic Of Iran Secretly Looking Forward To Annual Prostate Exam

    “At the annual checkup Iran has asked numerous times what the procedure entails, and never hesitates to delve into every detail.”

    God Fails To Get J Street’s Approval Before Promising Land To Jacob

    Ben-Ami insisted that American Jewry in general, but especially his organization, must have a say in what happens from "the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates."

    BDS Says Vashti Boycott Of Ahashverosh Feast Their Idea

    This is not the first time the BDS movement has claimed victory as the result of a development that actually runs counter to their goals.

    Oh Felesteen, We Love You So, We Will Burn You Up So The Jews...

    O Felesteen, We shall free you from the prison of their wicked acts of farming, through blood and fire! Mostly fire, though. Lots of it.

    Egypt Not Worried About Pyramid Slavery Legacy: Everyone Thinks Those Slaves Were Just Jews

    The timing of the Exodus narrative according to traditional dating places it centuries later than many of the pyramids.

    Jews Worthy Of Third Temple For Centuries Already; Bureaucracy, Contractor Delaying Work

    "certain unnamed contractors who continue to claim they need fees to cover various zoning variances and building permits for the Third Temple and other, associated facilities, when in fact no such fees were stipulated in the contract.”

    France Vows To Protect Remaining Un-defaced Jewish Tombstone

    Police will reassign officers who until now have guarded synagogues, yeshivas, and other Jewish community institutions.

    To Get Obama’s Attention, ISIS Renames Self, ‘Global Warming’

    ISIS intends to rename itself "Global Warming" in order to provoke US into confronting it seriously.

    Naomi Returns To Bethlehem; Last Time Jew Does So Without Military Escort

    Naomi came back to Bethlehem today after 10 years, marking the final time for about three millennia that a Jew will enter the city without need of an armed escort.

    Eclipse Distraction So Successful, Mossad Plans More

    “We’re chuffed to bits,” gushed a section chief in uncharacteristic exuberance.

    PreOccupied Territory: NGOs Can’t Hear Dying Syrians Over Sound Of How Awesome Hamas Is

    “Chemical weapons? No, that couldn’t be right. Obama and Kerry promised Russia would take care of removing Assad’s stockpile.”

    COVID Guidelines Almost As Coherent As Case For Palestinian Statehood

    “We find slightly more support for the idea that Israel should rely on existential enemies to help guarantee its security.”

    Lapid Worried He Bombed Gaza Too Long Before Election To Affect Vote

    The silence of his left-wing partners and the sympathetic media challenges his efforts to link himself to the operation in the minds of potential voters.

    Only Possible Conclusion From Unpopularity Of Party’s Ideas: Voters Stupid

    “Essentially, the people are wrong for thinking Palestinians trying to kill us means we shouldn’t give Palestinians greater capacity to kill us,” explained Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On.

    UN Blames Israel For Lousy Mobile Reception In Hamas Tunnels

    “It would have been more humane to enable the doomed people trapped in tunnels to play, for example, Candy Crush.”

    Palestinians Mull Plans For When No Holocaust Survivors Left To Stab

    From the Arab perspective, the future of Holocaust-survivor-stabbing is bleak, and that replacements for it will not carry the same power.

    My Favorite Biblical Moment Is When Moses Brought The Palestinians Into The Promised Land

    When Moses, after four hundred years of wandering through the wilderness, finally led he Palestinian People into the land Allah promised to their ancestor Cain.

    Gov’t Runs Out Of Ways To Explain Ban On Temple Mount Jewish Prayer Without...

    “If we do our jobs and have to face the violent mob, people might get killed and we might lose our jobs, which would be the biggest tragedy of all.”

    Khamenei Disappointed Not To Be Named Part Of Biden Transition Team

    The Ayatollah grew to think he established almost a birthright to shape US Iran policy during the Obama administration.

    What’s Important Is I Don’t IDENTIFY As An anti-Semite

    Only the Jewish-controlled media--supported by Jewish money--have the power to spread such falsehoods as my being an antisemite.

    Summer: De Blasio Uncharacteristically Opposed To Sending Jews To Camps

    A spokesman for De Blasio’s all-white, all-male public relations team declined to address the mayor’s uncharacteristic opposition to Jews in camps.

    Nation That Colonized Half Of World Warns Jews NOT To Assert Control Over Own...

    UK and EU opposition, though by no means unified, comes against the backdrop of two thousand years of European and other dominant powers trying to prevent Jewish sovereignty anywhere.


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