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Palestinian Talmud Appropriated By Jews

Pro-Palestinian advocates claim Jews learning the Palestinian Talmud negates Palestinian culture and recasts it as Jewish in the ongoing Zionist effort to displace the indigenous Palestinian people.

Jews Worthy Of Third Temple For Centuries Already; Bureaucracy, Contractor Delaying Work

"certain unnamed contractors who continue to claim they need fees to cover various zoning variances and building permits for the Third Temple and other, associated facilities, when in fact no such fees were stipulated in the contract.”

Family Makes Aliyah Just To Escape All-Pervasive Christmas Music

While acknowledging Zionism in their upbringings, they talked mainly of getting the hell out of the discordant dystopia.

UN Blames Israel For Lousy Mobile Reception In Hamas Tunnels

“It would have been more humane to enable the doomed people trapped in tunnels to play, for example, Candy Crush.”

BDS Protesters Using Banners Made In Jewish Settlements

Signs of the times: BDS signs made beyond "Green Line" BDS is 'black and blue' from 'Blue and White'

Lapid Worried He Bombed Gaza Too Long Before Election To Affect Vote

The silence of his left-wing partners and the sympathetic media challenges his efforts to link himself to the operation in the minds of potential voters.

Oh Felesteen, We Love You So, We Will Burn You Up So The Jews...

O Felesteen, We shall free you from the prison of their wicked acts of farming, through blood and fire! Mostly fire, though. Lots of it.

God Fails To Get J Street’s Approval Before Promising Land To Jacob

Ben-Ami insisted that American Jewry in general, but especially his organization, must have a say in what happens from "the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates."

CNN Offers $10K Reward For Positive Stories Of Islamists

CNN issued the offer in keeping with its policy of offsetting every negative report about Islamists

Al Aqsa Worshipers Confused By July 4 Fireworks Not Aimed At People

Numerous worshipers at the contested holy site hesitated before commenting on the American July 4 fireworks tradition, confused by the evident lack of intent to harm others in the celebration.

BDS Says Vashti Boycott Of Ahashverosh Feast Their Idea

This is not the first time the BDS movement has claimed victory as the result of a development that actually runs counter to their goals.

Police Assure Lod Jews Pogrom Anti-Zionist, NOT Antisemitic

"All the unrest you have experienced this week is merely anti-Zionist, and you may therefore unburden yourselves of the anxiety over antisemitism.”

Moses Smashes Tablets At Seeing Nation Worship Two-State Solution

Moses descended from the mountain and beheld the uncontrolled passion with which the masses were dancing about the idol they had adopted.

NGOs Could Swear Palestinian Veto of Arab-Israel Normalization Enshrined In Law

“It’s all political, and if an Arab country wants to normalize, they can just do it? That can’t be.”

Therapist To Help Hamas Men In Collapsed Tunnel Who Feel ‘Trapped’

Feeling "trapped" and "no light at the end of the tunnel" has led to depression among Hamas diggers

Israelis Can’t Wait To Spread Obnoxious Tourist Reputation To UAE, Oman, Bahrain

Israeli travelers took to focusing on what they do best while out of the country: making themselves and their countrymen look like spoiled, whiny, provincial ingrates.

Islamic Leaders Worried They May Have Missed A Jewish Shrine To Appropriate

A development that threatens the absolute nature of Islam’s inevitable dominance in Islamist theology.

Jews Have Gall To Desecrate Al Aqsa Compound By Existing Near It

Jews view the Temple Mount, the site of two ancient shrines and the focal point of Jewish longing for thousands of years, as the most sacred location in their religion, but no one cares what Jews think or feel.

COVID Guidelines Almost As Coherent As Case For Palestinian Statehood

“We find slightly more support for the idea that Israel should rely on existential enemies to help guarantee its security.”

Israelis Hoping Livni Accepts UN Post So She Can Bring That Organization Down Too!

Israelis look forward to Livni’s eventual impact on the UN, which, if Livni’s record serves as an indicator, will descend into irrelevance and impotence.

Naomi Returns To Bethlehem; Last Time Jew Does So Without Military Escort

Naomi came back to Bethlehem today after 10 years, marking the final time for about three millennia that a Jew will enter the city without need of an armed escort.

My Favorite Biblical Moment Is When Moses Brought The Palestinians Into The Promised Land

When Moses, after four hundred years of wandering through the wilderness, finally led he Palestinian People into the land Allah promised to their ancestor Cain.

Amusement Park Admits: Overbooked Group Visits Just To Ruin Your Family’s Trip

“Frustration for a family that has to wade through throngs of misbehaving day-campers just to miss a shot at a bad stuffed imitation of a popular animated character… that’s what it’s all about.”


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