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    NGOs Could Swear Palestinian Veto of Arab-Israel Normalization Enshrined In Law

    “It’s all political, and if an Arab country wants to normalize, they can just do it? That can’t be.”

    Palestinians Mull Plans For When No Holocaust Survivors Left To Stab

    From the Arab perspective, the future of Holocaust-survivor-stabbing is bleak, and that replacements for it will not carry the same power.

    Israel Quickly Hides Dams To Undermine Gaza Flood Claims

    It was in fact Israel, not Palestinians or journalists, who began spreading the older photos, in order to generate credibility for the “slander” angle.

    Unsold Purim Costumes Repackaged As Passover ‘Cereal’

    The complete lack of food ingredients makes Rabbinate certification as kosher-for-Passover a formality.

    Summer: De Blasio Uncharacteristically Opposed To Sending Jews To Camps

    A spokesman for De Blasio’s all-white, all-male public relations team declined to address the mayor’s uncharacteristic opposition to Jews in camps.

    Ahashverosh Enlists J-Street To Oppose Temple Reconstruction

    In honor of SHushan Purim: Ben-Ami’s organization rose to combat the common misperception that the Jews give monolithic support to their own redemption and restoration.

    Consistent Use Of Correct Hebrew Proves Man Is Foreign Spy

    “He was using the right verb form for the third-person plural future,” recalled an agent.

    Israelis Can’t Wait To Spread Obnoxious Tourist Reputation To UAE, Oman, Bahrain

    Israeli travelers took to focusing on what they do best while out of the country: making themselves and their countrymen look like spoiled, whiny, provincial ingrates.

    What’s Important Is I Don’t IDENTIFY As An anti-Semite

    Only the Jewish-controlled media--supported by Jewish money--have the power to spread such falsehoods as my being an antisemite.

    Now 40, Islamic Republic Of Iran Secretly Looking Forward To Annual Prostate Exam

    “At the annual checkup Iran has asked numerous times what the procedure entails, and never hesitates to delve into every detail.”

    Jews Don’t Control the Weather? What Do You Call The Ten Plagues?

    When a little bit pf Purim comes to Pesach--Trayon White brings his meteorological expertise to the Haggadah

    Amusement Park Admits: Overbooked Group Visits Just To Ruin Your Family’s Trip

    “Frustration for a family that has to wade through throngs of misbehaving day-campers just to miss a shot at a bad stuffed imitation of a popular animated character… that’s what it’s all about.”

    Police Suggest Jews Wear Special Yellow Stars For Protection

    Spotting Jews will become a matter of seconds, rather than having to ask around, which can waste precious minutes during an altercation in which a Jew might defend himself.

    Rabin Assassination Only Thing Remaining For Labor, Meretz To Feel Vindicated About

    Officials admitted they find it difficult to identify any phenomenon other than Rabin’s assassination that paints the left in a positive light and the right in a negative one, given that the left’s policies resulted in so much carnage.

    Palestinians Hoping Biden Will Remind Jews Not To Be So Goddamn Sovereign

    “If the Jews of Israel want to live a normal existence, they have to forfeit the security that everyone needs in order to live a normal existence.”

    New Party Just Aggregator Of Other Parties

    “Being an aggregator and posing as something original isn’t even original,” he added. “Tzipi Livni did it first.”

    Only Possible Conclusion From Unpopularity Of Party’s Ideas: Voters Stupid

    “Essentially, the people are wrong for thinking Palestinians trying to kill us means we shouldn’t give Palestinians greater capacity to kill us,” explained Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On.

    Jews Worthy Of Third Temple For Centuries Already; Bureaucracy, Contractor Delaying Work

    "certain unnamed contractors who continue to claim they need fees to cover various zoning variances and building permits for the Third Temple and other, associated facilities, when in fact no such fees were stipulated in the contract.”

    Moses Smashes Tablets At Seeing Nation Worship Two-State Solution

    Moses descended from the mountain and beheld the uncontrolled passion with which the masses were dancing about the idol they had adopted.

    France Vows To Protect Remaining Un-defaced Jewish Tombstone

    Police will reassign officers who until now have guarded synagogues, yeshivas, and other Jewish community institutions.

    You Zionists Are Trying To Kidnap What We Arabs Have Rightfully Stolen

    Florin from the Princess Bride visits (in words) the Kingdom of the Jews

    My Favorite Biblical Moment Is When Moses Brought The Palestinians Into The Promised Land

    When Moses, after four hundred years of wandering through the wilderness, finally led he Palestinian People into the land Allah promised to their ancestor Cain.

    Why Have Palestinians Been Ethnically Cleansed From ‘The Flintstones’?

    People of conscience everywhere must protest. So let us rise up now and fight the erasure of Palestinians from The Flintstones.


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