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A Soldier’s Mother: The Animal has been Caught!

Tzvika was known for greeting shoppers with kindness. He wasn't armed; he was attacked without mercy

A Soldier’s Mother: Praying for Tzvika

Arabs work here, shop here, see doctors here and Friday morning, tried to murder a security guard

A Soldier’s Mother: Stop and See the Beauty…

The "stuff" of our lives are different moments...different views. Remember to stop and see beauty

A Soldier’s Mother: The Lost Wallet

The wallet was found but was it ever really lost when it was always in hands of people who cared?

A Soldier’s Mother: My Israel

My Israel is the only place I have ever felt home; the only place I have never wanted to leave.

A Soldier’s Mother: Israel At the Forefront of Maternity / Paternity Rights

Mothers still take the first 6 weeks, but fathers can now take up to 8 paid days as paternity leave

A Soldier’s Mother: What Next Summer Will Bring…

My Prayer: Israel-flood the tunnels; God-Let Hamas' missiles land and explode inside their borders

A Soldier’s Mother: The Importance of Home

The trick with a soldier is to send him to base with a piece of home as a reminder of what's waiting

A Soldier’s Mother: To be Grateful; To be Blessed

"Today, I am grateful for..." To say that EVERY day of one's life defeats one's enemies.

A Soldier’s Mother: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

You want to remember the Holocaust, Europe? Great but please work harder at preventing the next one

The Perfect, Most Important Post You’ll Ever Read

As usual after tragedies and attacks, Israelis are united--if not in hope, than in pain and in anger

A Soldier’s Mother: Old Soldier…New Stories

The C.O. ran into camp screaming "Who's guarding the base? Where are your guards?"

A Soldier’s Mother: The Saddest Thing I Read Today…

Israel's Left invited the Right to fight Administrative Detention...some have agreed. I don't.

A Soldier’s Mother: The Gift of Housework

Winter is the season I love most in Israel: sweaters, rain, the feeling that the land is being fed

A Soldier’s Mother: Missing the Boy‏

I told my son the soldier the usual: I love you, stay warm, have a great week-take the brownies

A Soldier’s Mother: Dear Son, Wear the Damn Coat‏

Big difference between "fighters" & "jobniks" is the sense to wear a coat in a storm; Point Jobniks

A Soldier’s Mother: A Daily War‏

Who goes to war? Torah says tzadikkim. If Haredim aspire to righteousness shouldn't they go to army?

A Soldier’s Mother: Remembering War‏

In war you don't know when you will next see your child...or, God forbid, IF you will see him or her

Yotam Shmuel…And the Missing Voice of Moderation

Yotam Shmuel is 18-months-old and will never walk on his own legs due to the Chords Bridge terrorist

I Hear the Sirens…

I hear the sirens and my heart cries. Jerusalem again...

Why CNN Failed AGAIN‏

It is no accident that CNN writes as it does - its anti-Israel agenda consistently shines through.

A Soldier’s Mother: A Piece of Home in a Distant Land‏

For 5 whole minutes today in Europe I spoke Hebrew; light shone into my world-home in a distant land

A Soldier’s Mother: A Quote that Touches the Heart‏

When ___(any Arab leader) leaves word to be awakened when his soldier is killed, there will be peace

A Soldier’s Mother: Alone…Even in a World of Supporters‏

Am Yisrael Chai-the nation of Israel lives. If that bothers our neighbors and others- so be it.

Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass‏

Today in Europe, Jews were NOT invited to a commemoration of Kristallnacht in a small Swedish town

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