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Why Today’s Syrian Refugees are not Yesterday’s Jews

To make a comparison between today's Syrian refugees and Jews fleeing Nazis is a travesty of truth

The Constant Question

Jewish Press Online wishes the new Selena Myers, one of our favorite bloggers, a hearty MAZAL TOV!

Yotam Shmuel…And the Missing Voice of Moderation

Yotam Shmuel is 18-months-old and will never walk on his own legs due to the Chords Bridge terrorist

I Hear the Sirens…

I hear the sirens and my heart cries. Jerusalem again...

Climate Panic Farce vs. Evolution

Evolution Believers: Why should you want it to stop now? What's the problem with "Climate Change?"

Is “Rabbi” Michael Lerner REALLY PBS Star Barney the Dinosaur?

Lerner invented the "politics of meaning," a pagan New Age pseudo-religion that hates Judaism/Israel

Will Rising Terror and Antisemitism Push American Jews to Israel?

The question is will American Jews recognize the signs and emigrate to Israel or keep making excuses?

To Get Obama’s Attention, ISIS Renames Self, ‘Global Warming’

ISIS intends to rename itself "Global Warming" in order to provoke US into confronting it seriously.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Two Torahs? Now More than Ever!

There is apparently one Torah for Jews in America, and one for Jews in Israel.

Shiloh Musings: International Arab Terrorism Cramping People’s Style‏

No doubt, I financially benefited from the fear&chaos from terrorism buying my travel ticket so late

Confused in San Bernardino

After watching CNN coverage of the San Bernardino shootings, I'm very confused.

Shiloh Musings: Priority Must be to “Let West Bank JEWS Live as Normal Lives...

The failed "land for peace" policy is the cause of the Arab terror we suffer from to this very day.

Is “Rabbi” Michael Lerner the PBS Star Barney?

Lerner invented the "politics of meaning," a pagan New Age pseudo-religion that hates Judaism/Israel

Shiloh Musings: Stop Trying to Placate The Arab Terrorists aka “Palestinians” sic

There's absolutely no negotiating "peace" with Palestinians; PEACE is antithesis of what they want

Michael Oren Did NOT Say Obama Had Radical Islamic Values

Rule #1 in Middle East reporting: Never believe the story when 1st reported; wait for a 2nd source.

Shiloh Musings: Words, Words, Words, aka LIES!‏

Politicians are just actors saying lines they think will bring more votes or better poll standings

Emes Ve-Emunah: Two Kinds of Terrorism and How to Stop Them

Can it be that every Muslim is so heartless as to cheer murder? It often seems the case among Arabs.

A 3rd Knife-wielding Arab Boy is Dead in Terror Attack

The attacker at Huwwara Checkpoint was the 3rd Palestinian Arab 16 yr-old child to be killed today

Weather Channel Founder Says Prince Charles’ Climate Change/Syria War Theory is NUTS

{Originally posted to the author's website, The Lid} If you needed proof that spending the first 67 years of your life waiting for one’s mum to...

American Yeshiva Students Murdered in Israel – 1929

The tragic events of 2015 are not a new phenomenon; the tragedies of 1929 bear a chilling similarity

Shiloh Musings: Syrian Refugees, Not Emma Lazarus’s “Tired and Poor”‏

In Israel we feel much safer than those abroad and have safety concerns when traveling overseas

Our Brother, Yehonatan Pollard

How disgusting it is that certain politicians and media mavens malign our brother, Yehonatan Pollard

Beyond Sadness!

Until the monstrous ideology that inspired Ezra’s killer is publicly NAMED atrocities will recur

The Jew Stands Alone

When Washington mentions a Jewish death in Israel it follows with calls for "restraint on all sides"

New England Patriots to Hold Moment of Silence for Ezra Schwartz

Ezra was a NE fan and his friends draped his NE Jersey on his casket when his body was flown back to America.

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