Lebanon: Cholera Outbreak

There have been a total of 89 cholera cases since October 5.

Has Israel Stopped Qatari Cash from Making its Way to Hamas Like the Israeli...

Qatar has been giving 30 million dollars to the Gaza Strip every month, but is Hamas getting paid?

The Kiwan Anti-Israel Family Drama

One Israel-hating sibling is in jail for drug trafficking in the UAE, the other was fired for ripping down Israeli flags and attacking a fellow employee.

Arabs Shocked That Hamas Hostage is Israeli Muslim Arab

Many Arabs were shocked (or disappointed) to learn that the hostage "Israeli soldier" is actually a Bedouin Muslim, after expecting him to be Jewish.

A Surprise in the Maritime Border Negotiations Between Lebanon and Israel

Someone anonymous withdrew their claims in the UN to the expanded maritime area.

Reports of Attack Near Syria-Iraq Border

Some of the reports attribute the attack to the US-led coalition.

Heavy Movement of Russian and Syrian Forces Near a Syrian Air Defense Base Southwest...

About 100 vehicles were observed in the convoy, including some that were carrying radar systems and air defense missiles.

Israel May Issue Work Permits for Gazan Women, But Not Everyone is Happy with...

Many Gazan men see this as a threat to their place in the family and to Gazan society.

Lebanon: Will Hezbollah Attack Israel’s Offshore Gas Rig?

It seems like Hezbollah isn't keen on being involved and is waiting to see what the Lebanese government decides to do.

Summing Up the IDF’s Military Activity in Syria for 2022

A prominent channel affiliated with the various Syrian rebel factions published data on the IDF's activity in Syrian territory in the past year (2022).

Nasrallah Declare Gas Deal ‘a Great, Great, Great Victory’

Nasrallah also didn't forget to praise "Areen al-Aswood" and Arab terrorist Udai al-Tamimi.

The Connection Between Hamas and the Ariel Terror Attack

Who says there's no Hamas connection to the latest terrorist attacks?

Gaza – Hamas Celebrates Firing ‘Sam 7’ Missiles at IDF Helicopters

Commentators affiliated with Hamas are trying to elevate the firing of the "Sam 7" missiles as a "game-changer" which Israel did not anticipate.

Analyzing Hamas’ Yahya Sinwar’s Interesting Speech Last Night

For the first time since the last round of fighting, Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, delivered an impressive hour-long speech last night.

Hussein a-Sheikh Establishes his Status as Abu Mazen’s Successor

The only thing he's missing now is a verified Twitter account.

Zelenskyy’s Holocaust Memory and Best Gift to Israel

Zelenskyy used the memory of the Holocaust and its victims... But, his remarks have already made headlines in both international and Arab media, and you can't take it back.

Understanding Iraq: Who’s Against Who? A Guide to the Recent Turmoil

What's happening now is an intifada of a moderate Shiite bloc against the imperialism of Ali Khamenei.

When Will the Month of Ramadan Begin this Year?

Shiites in Iran have a tendency to declare the sighting of a new moon a bit after the Sunnis (most likely, to differentiate themselves from the Sunnis).

Possible Second Shooter Observed in Shireen Abu Akleh Video

In the video of the wild Arab shooter, there appears to be a second shooter on the roof above him.

Iranian and Iraqi Currencies Plummet

Tying the Iraqi economy to the failing Iranian economy may have been a mistake.

Lebanon Won’t Recognize Buoy Line as the International Border with Israel

Lebanon agrees to the final version of the maritime border demarcation agreement, but will not recognize the buoy-line as the international border line.

The Fugitive: Escaped From Gaza

A prisoner of Hamas reportedly escaped from Gaza into Israel.

Hochstein Delivers Blow to Lebanon on Point 29

Lebanon-Israel-US mediator Amos Hochstein agrees to return to Lebanon and resume the negotiations with Israel regarding the maritime border, if Lebanon will back down from its claim on point 29.

Houthis Seize UAE Vessel Carrying Military Supplies

The Houthi information minister claimed that the UAE has been pursuing a new strategy against the Yemeni people ever since Israel's prime minister visited there.

Russia to Supply Iran with Advanced Sukhoi-35 Fighter Jets as Early as This Spring

These fighter jets are seen as a major upgrade for the Iranian Air Force,

Hamas Wants to Renew Ties with the Assad Regime in Syria

Assad cut his ties with Hamas after they supported the wrong side in the Syrian civil war.

Syrian Golan Heights: Iran Building New Military Base and Deploying Additional Forces to the...

This comes despite Iran's past commitment to Russia to stay away from Syria's border with Israel in the Golan Heights.

How to Properly Analyze the Hamas Threat to Ben-Gvir’s Temple Mount Visit

This is a well-known tactic that Hamas frequently uses to avoid having to act on their threats.

Syrian Sources: Israel Targeted Strategic Sites It Never Attacked Before

Despite Syria officially denying any casualties, several people were killed and injured in the attack at Sayyidah Zaynab.


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