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Happy Aliyah (Election) Day

7 Heshvan 5777 – November 8, 2016
It was probably also on an Election Day in Ur Kasdim, when God told Abraham, "Lech Lecha".

Report from Syria: Rebel Syrian Forces Claim They Will Return Eli Cohen’s Body to...

19 Elul 5776 – September 21, 2016
Could our man in Damascus be coming back home to Israel?

And Today… On the Temple Mount

9 Elul 5776 – September 12, 2016
Who let Hamas out?

A Simple Solution for Peace

18 Av 5776 – August 22, 2016
People on the Left like to ask the people on the Right, "What's your solution for peace?" Here's my answer...

Soros’ Strategy: “Raise the Cost of the Occupation”

11 Av 5776 – August 14, 2016
Leaked files show how George Soros is going after Israel through Israeli-Arabs.

Lebanese Block Israeli Olympic Team From Entering Bus

3 Av 5776 – August 7, 2016
The Olympic organizers asked the Israeli team to not make a scene.

Terrorists Against the Wall

13 Tammuz 5776 – July 18, 2016
On Friday, "former" terrorists protested the same security wall that previously prevented them from carrying out their terror attacks against Jews.

Shuki Gilboa Released from Hospital

6 Tammuz 5776 – July 11, 2016
Shuki Gilboa lost his eye in the terror attack.

New Campaign: No Israeli Should Vacation in Turkey Until Our Brothers are Home from...

22 Sivan 5776 – June 28, 2016
Until Hamas returns out brothers, we must refuse normalization with Hamas's close ally, Turkey.

The Palestine Post

20 Sivan 5776 – June 26, 2016
Abbas presented the Saudi King with an old Zionist newspaper.

MK Ahmed Tibi: “I Would Vote for Bernie Sanders in the US Election”

18 Sivan 5776 – June 23, 2016
Now that's a ringing endorsement if I ever heard one.

Too Pious to Give a Get

10 Sivan 5776 – June 16, 2016
The ongoing behavior of withholding the Get is not pious behavior, therefore one can't demand the privileges and services that a pious person requires, demands or expects.

Liberman Supports a 2-State Solution – Nothing to See Here Folks, Move Along

23 Iyyar 5776 – May 31, 2016
Liberman didn't zig-zag. He didn't even say anything new. He probably just left out the details of what he actually meant...

The Four-State Solution

17 Iyyar 5776 – May 25, 2016
There are already two Jew-free Palestinian states, how many more do they need?

Beware the Echo Chamber, Fear the Media Savvy Left, Stick to the Truth

14 Iyyar 5776 – May 22, 2016
How do you fight an opponent who wins by manipulating through media and drowning out opposing voices?

Musical Chairs: What This New Rightwing Coalition May Look Like

11 Iyyar 5776 – May 19, 2016
LIberman's entry into the coalition may bring about even more changes than expected...

Shlissel (Key) Challah: The Loaf of Idolatry?

28 Nisan 5776 – May 6, 2016
The baking of a key inside a bread is a non-Jewish custom which has its foundation in Christian, and possibly even earlier, pagan culture.

Jerusalem’s Arabs Must Go

27 Adar I 5776 – March 7, 2016
JoeSettler says, if you want to save Jewish Jerusalem, let the Arabs go!

Gideon Levy and His Gush Etzion Delusions

26 Adar I 5776 – March 6, 2016
Levy claimed the Gush Etzion junction was forcibly stolen from the Arabs - but that never happened, except in Levy's imagination.

What We Settlers See at the Gush Etzion Junction

24 Adar I 5776 – March 3, 2016
Gideon Levy wants to know what Settlers think of all the army at the Gush Etzion junction. JoeSettler lets him know...

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