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On the Jerusalem Pogroms

Blogger @Israel_Shield talks about the recent #PogromsInJerusalem

In Eight Weeks, The Journey Begins Again‏

Israel's soldiers have our faith, they have our prayer, and they have our love.

5775 Had a Bloody Terrorized Start and 5776?‏

Only when the people of the world reject & condemn Arab terrorism will the terrorism begin to cease

Jew in a Box

Here in Israel, the Jewish state, we are blessedly not the "other" and this is great and this is bad

Diaa Hadid and The NYTimes Fail Again

If Diaa Hadid and her NYTImes editor are going to put up false and misleading headlines and excerpts , they shouldn't be allowed to publish.

Sealing Your Fate

HaShem, watch over our sons and daughters, the soldiers of Israel; G'mar hatima tova to all

Israeli TV Makes Excuses for Arab Terrorism‏

Adult Arabs admitted/insisted that they have no control over the youth who are attacking Jews.

Is Israel Afraid of Iran?

I'm more concerned by US policies which drive Israel closer to WW III than I'm concerned about Iran

Emes Ve-Emunah: The Real Danger and How do Deal with it

Charedi argument that one can get along without internet is being quickly discarded by many Charedim

Exclusive: Abbas’s UN Bombshell Revealed, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

Abu Mazen is no stranger to bombshells or bombs, but his latest statement has everyone speculating about the show he is expected to give at the UN.

Birthright in Yiddish

{Originally posted to the author's eponymous website, RabbiHaber} Last month, I had the privilege of serving as the tour guide/educator on a ten-day Taglit-Birthright Israel...

The Plight of the Trek to Freedom

Will Ahava (love) be allowed to enter the cauldron of Europe? You might need to "schmear" the guards

Israel Must Be Prepared to Also Redraw the Map

Israel needs to start pushing the jungle back.

Finally, a Healthy Jewish Reaction to Arab Violence [video]

All the actors were in place, only, they didn't expect the Jews to react as they did.

Judges aren’t Gods- Israeli Judicial System Unjust

Israel has a serious problem because judges choose judges and they have a STRONG Leftist ideology

How to Stop the Arab Violence on the Temple Mount

Netanyahu seems to be overlooking the only solution guaranteed to work...

The Privilege of Witnessing our Heritage and History

"History repeats itself" especially when referring to the hatred of Jews, our history & our heritage

September 11 and the Forgotten Lessons

Today, I cry for an America that has forgotten the lessons of 9/11 by supporting a terrorist regime

Why I’m Not Going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

We prayed for 2,000 years to return home to Israel, does it make sense to leave the Holy Land on RH?

Arabs Prefer Israeli Right to Left

My experience with Arabs is clear: Most prefer us settlers in Judea/Samaria to Israeli Leftists

A Response to South African Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein

JoeSettler says Rabbi Goldstein made a beautiful case for Israel, but South Africa is the disease, and Israel is the cure...

The Government of Israel Must First Protect our Nation

My Rosh HaShana wish is for Israel's government to properly ensure the safety&security of our Nation

Get On The Bus, Gus

As an underqualified but highly motivated Aliyah tour guide, I thought I’d give my perspective on the transportation system here in Israel. Please read...

A Whimsical City

Jerusalem, where one is blessed by beggars, large lions line streets, & umbrellas hang from heaven.

Arab Stone Throwers are Murderers!‏

Israelis of all ages have been murdered or seriously injured by such rocks thrown in terror attacks.

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