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Why The Sudden Increase in Terror Attacks? Islam’s Ramadan, Of Course!

Everybody knows that during Ramadan Arab Muslim terror attacks increase.

Speechless at the Idiocy of the UN‏

UN says Hamas tried to warn us of rocket attacks? I was here. Not once did those...I want to scream

Serving God and Empowering Women

{Originally posted to the author's website, Emes Ve-Emunah} The inevitable finally happened. Rabbi Avi Weiss has dispensed with his prior refusal to call his female...

Send the #FreedomFlotilla to Syria

Let's make these flotilla activists useful, by sending them to Syria.

Since Support for a “Palestinian State” is More Popular in Europe and USA than...

It's clear by all the Arabs that work&shop in Jewish stores they're very happy to be part of Israel

“Naomi Shemer Shel Zahav”

A musical tribute on the anniversary of Israel's singer/songwriter laureate Naomi Shemer's passing.

Minimizing Harm to Civilians – Israel vs. Hamas

The difference between the IDF and Hamas is the difference between Good and Evil

Emes Ve-Emunah: Man in Search for Meaning

Existence requires meaning. Believing all random and without meaning is a horrible fate for mankind

The Druze factor‏

If IDF troops couldn't quash an Arab riot, a Druze manned jeep often was enough to disperse rioters

The “Demographic Threat,” Another of Those Myths‏

Experts have been predicting Israel's demise due to "demographic threat" since the State's founding

Peace Can’t Be Bought; “Land for Peace” (sic), The Big Con‏

The Israeli Leftist & Center) myth that we can exchange Land for Peace is naive and ridiculous.

Yes, There are Rightist Artists – Me!

To boost aliya, Israel will encourage Marshall’s, Costco, K Mart & Entenmann’s Bakeries to open here

They Attacked My Son’s School…

Arabs climbed onto the yeshiva fence and..God, they shot..firecrackers into the yard starting a fire

The Season of the Year

Year after year this season, is not vacation, it is summers of rocket fire, expulsion and war

Israel Will Never Die!

Israel WIll Never Die! Am Yisrael Chai!

Ambulance Stories

Doctors treated the terrorist. I can't imagine how it feels to work to save the life of a terrorist.

France without Jews‏

France not wanting to be Judenrein is understandable; Isn't what's best for French Jews the issue?

Bridging Fear and Faith: Do You Feel Safe?

The cabbie, Mohammed said to me,"I'm supposed to hate you. That's what we believe. But I don't."

Dragging Israel into Syria

Will Israel's trauma from Lebanon prevent Israel from helping reshape the Middle East in our favor?

Another Innocent Jew Murdered by Arab Terrorists

May all Arab terrorists be captured and then executed and not tried as if they were common criminals

It’s Not My Responsibility

If your nation does wrong, isn't it your responsibility to accept responsibility to counter evil?

Jewish/Israeli Pride–Michael Douglas & Orange

Being "nice" in order to placate bullies only increases the diplomatic offensive against Israel

I Bought an Astronaut Suit

Of course there's air in America, but it isn’t the holy air of Eretz Yisrael.

Not “PC”: Let Convicted Terrorists Kill Themselves

No difference between the Nazis and Arab terrorists. Same aim: Destruction of the Jewish People

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