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Israel Pursues Prisoner Swap Deal With Hamas for Bodies of IDF Soldiers

Israel will not release the 46 arrested prisoners released in the Shalit deal, nor will Israel release prisoners with blood on their hands.

Knesset Committee OKs Fiscal Retribution for PA’s ‘Pay to Slay’

“The Palestinian Authority transfers millions of shekels a year to terrorists who killed Israeli civilians," said Minister Naftali Bennett.

Jewish Girls Jailed After Praying at Gates of Temple Mount

Honenu: "Girls who wanted only to pray were detained without any justification."

US Military Signs $193M Deal with Rafael for TROPHY Anti-Missile Tank Defense System

Leonardo DRS will provide the U.S. Army with the systems, which are to be installed on the M1 Abrams battle tank.

Italian Giant Says New Egyptian Gas Field Is 5 Times Israel’s Reserves

Oil and gas sector shares are trading at sharp declines on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, reaching a 7.5% decline by mid-week – and that's before the actual reports about the new field have been issued.

Watch Dozens of Japanese Business People Sing Hatikvah

"Moshav Nahalal is built in the shape of a circle just like the sun, so this is the most appropriate day for an event of this kind."

Civil Service Commission to Declare Employment Preferences for IDF, National Service Veterans

The new civil service policy intends to replace the need for legislation, the Civil Service Commission announced.

Reversal: If You Say ‘Polish Death Camps’ PM Morawiecki Won’t Lock You Up

"We retreated from the criminal provisions," a spokesman for the PM stated, suggesting the penalties diverted attention from the effort to alter the way the world views the behavior of Poles during the war.

Tel Aviv Celebrates 15th Anniversary of UNESCO’s ‘White City’ Proclamation

Since receiving the title, every year the city of Tel Aviv celebrates the proclamation with a series of White Night events that connect to Tel Avciv's DNA of a Nonstop City.

Report: Egypt Drafting Comprehensive Deal for Israel, Hamas

Al-Akhbar cites sources in Hamas that reject the free harbor idea if it includes continued Israeli inspections.

IDF Attacked Parked Car, After Making Sure Kite Launchers Were Gone

For future reference, keep this in mind: we will know that the IDF is serious about stopping Hamas when Arabs start getting killed in those attacks (God forbid).

Israel Defense Forces Launch Counter Attack Against Hamas Fighters in Gaza

Israeli fighter pilots also carried out three air strikes in response to the ongoing arson kite and balloon bomb attacks emanating from Gaza.

Live Blog: Code Red Alert Sirens & Rocket Attacks from Gaza

Rocket fire aimed at southern Israel by Gaza terrorists is being logged along with Code Red incoming rocket alert sirens.

Hamas Firing Rockets from Gaza Again; Israeli Families Race Back to the Bomb Shelters

The Code Red rocket alert sirens were triggered on the second night of Prince William's three-day visit to Israel.

Tunnel Discovery Project Awarded Israel Defense Prize

"Thanks to the people sitting here we took away Hamas' strategic weapon. The attack tunnels have become burial tunnels."

Israeli Firefighters Battle More Blazes Along Gaza Border

“The arson attacks are a deliberate act of terrorism carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians, farmlands and nature.”

PM Netanyahu, Prince William Talk ‘Military Service, Helicopters, Soccer, World Cup’

"I told him that he must be very proud of his great-grandmother for saving defenseless Jews; as Prime Minister of Israel I am very proud that Jews are no longer defenseless."

Pres. Rivlin Sends ‘Message of Peace’ with Britain’s Prince William to Abbas

“One day you will be King of England, and I hope you will visit Israel once again with your wife and children."

Prince William ‘Profoundly Moved’ By Visit To Yad Vashem

"I am honoured that my own great grandmother is one of these Righteous Among the Nations."

Israel to Rethink UNESCO Exit as Group Postpones Decisions on ‘Palestinian’ Heritage Sites

Carmel Shama-HaCohen: “We must not ignore the new spirit that is blowing from UNESCO."

UN Passes Resolution on Use of Human Shields

"Today’s resolution explicitly condemned terrorists for the despicable double war crime of hiding behind women and children while attacking civilians."

Arab Steals Car with 5-Year-Old in Back Seat

Somebody is going to say Hagomel this Thursday.

Russian Diplomat Talks Middle East Peace with Hamas Delegation

Moscow maintains regular contacts with Hamas, and the latest visit to Russia of a Hamas delegation was in March 2018.

Knesset Passes Law Granting Rabbinical Courts Jurisdiction over International Get Refusal Cases

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) commented: “This bill essentially grants the rabbinical court international jurisdiction. This is a new invention – an international court for Jews."

Netanyahu Folds on Splitting Public Broadcaster for Fear of Losing Eurovision

The split was part of Likud's efforts to cut down on leftwing voices in Israel's public channels, or as Culture Minister Miri Regev put it at the time: "Why set up a new broadcasting corporation if we don’t control it?"

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