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    Larry’s Letters: Elan Ganeles

    Elan Ganeles the most recent victim of Palestinian terrorism was a dual Israeli American citizen,

    Larry’s Letters: RE: Australia Rescinding Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

    Supporting Palestinian claims to East Jerusalem are really legitimizing Jordan's illegal invasion

    Larry’s Letters: CNN and Amanpour: Deserving Each Other

    I knew then that Amanpour was not to be trusted. Nothing fortified my opinion more than her recent comparison of Israel and Assad.

    Larry’s Letters: Palestinian Arabs Created a Safe Haven for Jews After the Holocaust–NOT!

    There is no taste for peace among the Palestinian Arabs, They want Israel gone.

    Re: Video: Israeli Assassins Disguised as Women and Doctors Kill 3 in Hospital 1/30/24,...

    Nowhere in the Daily Beast coverage is there any confirmation that the three Palestinians were terrorists.

    Larry’s Letters: Jewish Democratic Council of America: Re: Dershowitz Column

    Perhaps you are aware that Jews comprise slightly over 2% of America's population but suffer over 50% of America's hate crimes. It would appear that some of these hate crimes are carried out by people of a certain culture who consider the establishment of a Jewish country in the Middle East a calamity (nakba).

    Larry’s Letters: Supportive Letter to Independent Jewish Voices Canada

    It is very important for Jews to stand up for the dignity and freedom of the Palestinian people. Your work should be supported. But if you feel a responsibility towards the Palestinians, then you have an obligation to help them prepare for a just peace.

    Larry’s Letters: Dear Greta Thunberg

    No longer the teenager who thrilled us with your passion to save the world from climate change, you seem to have transferred your passion towards assisting the Palestinians to 'free Palestine'.

    Larry’s Letters: “Amazing Women of the Middle East” Omits Amazing Women of Israel

    I would like to think that you omission of Israel and the Jews from your book and from the book's map was an error, but to be honest...

    Larry’s Letters: President and Trustees at NYU

    There are Jewish parents all over North America agonizing over whether to send their children back to university. This is dangerously similar to what happened to Jewish students in Nazi Germany.

    Larry’s Letters:

    If the Jews were in charge, don't you think that they would have dominated the news cycle particularly since they control the media, banks, Hollywood, the music industry, and the NFL.

    Larry’s Letters: Israel “Entirely Responsible” for the Hamas terrorist attacks

    30 Harvard University student organizations consider Israel “entirely responsible” for the Hamas terrorist attacks

    Re: Arab Medics Battling Coronavirus in Israel’s ‘Segregated’ Society

    Many in the BDS world assert that they would rather die than accept help from Israel.

    Larry’s Letters: U of T Graduate Student’s Union Rejects Kosher Food because it is...

    If you really cared about human rights, why have you not voted against Chinese food to protest China’s decimation of the culture and religious infrastructure of its Muslim minority. Why are you not as interested in China’s Muslims as you are in Israel’s Muslims? I think I have the answer and it’s not complimentary to your group.

    Larry’s Letters: Jews and Zionists have Terrorism in their Blood

    You were quoted as stating that “Jews and Zionists have terrorism in their blood”, and are trying to destroy Poland.

    Larry’s Letters: Jews are Creatures with Ugly Noses

    On behalf of the American council of Jewish Plastic Surgeons, I want to thank you for bringing this medical issue to the forefront. It is hoped that Jewish people will take a look at their noses in the mirror, feel insecure about them, and then be motivated to visit one of our offices.

    Larry’s Letters: Israel Cracks Down on Palestinian Banks over ‘Pay to Slay’

    The Palestinian Authority suggests that the New York Times and Boston Globe’s editorial boards are incapable of applying the same standard of justice to Israel that they apply towards their own country.

    Larry’s Letters: Testing the Direction of J Street

    Trying to understand the J-Street position on Israel and the Palestinians

    Larry’s Letters: Defending the Speech of Jew-hating Students

    If a student paraded around carrying a sign stating, 'N*****s back to slavery,' what would you do?

    Larry’s Letters: Message to Steven Thrasher about his Hatred of Israel

    Your convocation speech included your statement that Israel is an apartheid state. How that relates to your doctorate in American studies and the convocation is puzzling, but it does reveal where you are and where you are reveals a woeful lack of knowledge about Israel and apartheid.

    Larry’s Letters: Congresswoman Jayapal

    Did you know Congresswoman Jayapal that Palestinian leaders have stated that not a single Jew will be allowed to live in the country of Palestine but it is Israel that is racist ethnic cleansing state?

    UN Human Rights Council Praises Iran for its Human Rights Record

    Iran’s greatest human right achievement has been its adoption of hostage taking as an effective diplomatic policy. Holding innocent people in prison to extract concessions is much preferable to blowing up barracks housing U.S. Marines and Jewish community Centers.


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