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Larry’s Letters: Democracy and Dead Dogs

Netanyahu's election revealed the vitality of Israel's democracy as losing candidates and heads of state congratulated the winners and not a single outgoing politician refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power.

Larry’s Letters: President and Trustees at NYU

There are Jewish parents all over North America agonizing over whether to send their children back to university. This is dangerously similar to what happened to Jewish students in Nazi Germany.

Larry’s Letters: Israel Criminalizes Nonviolent Palestinian Resistance—Then Calls Us Terrorists

For a non-violent society, the Palestinians have gone to great lengths to name stuff after terrorists.

Larry’s Letters: Your Invitation to Palestinian Hijacker to Speak to Students

Where better than SFU to enlist recruits for the eradication of the Jewish state.

Larry’s Letters: Delegitimizing Israel

We can't tell you how proud we are that the UN is finally acting to identify the center of evil in our world-ISRAEL

Larry’s Letters: RE: Australia Rescinding Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Supporting Palestinian claims to East Jerusalem are really legitimizing Jordan's illegal invasion

Larry’s Letters: Israel Cracks Down on Palestinian Banks over ‘Pay to Slay’

The Palestinian Authority suggests that the New York Times and Boston Globe’s editorial boards are incapable of applying the same standard of justice to Israel that they apply towards their own country.

Larry’s Letters: Day of Rage

We would be very pleased to assist you to set up this event at no charge. Here's hoping you enjoy your 'Day of Rage'

Larry’s Letters: To the Los Angeles Times

Re: Prominent Palestinian hunger striker dies in Israeli custody. Isabel Debre and Ilan Ben Zion, May 2,

Larry’s Letters: Defending the Speech of Jew-hating Students

If a student paraded around carrying a sign stating, 'N*****s back to slavery,' what would you do?

Larry’s Letters: To the People of Ireland

Until Ireland insists that the Palestinian Authority ceases its ‘pay for slay’ program, all your pretenses of fairness for the Palestinians is just another way of calling us Christ killers.

Larry’s Letters: this Missive’s Message meant for Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib

The dual-loyalty canard tossed by the Congresswoman photographed awith a flag from a non-existent, never-was country-Palestine

Larry’s Letters: NYU Boycotts NYU at Tel Aviv University

Dear NYU, Maybe once your Tel Aviv campus is closed, you will be able to save substantial amounts of money. We are desperately in need of funds to continue providing pensions to the families of our martyrs and heroes who have perfumed our sacred earth with the blood of Israelis.

Comparing Jesus with Palestinian Martyrs

We are aghast to hear you compare this man of peace who never killed another with Palestinians who deliberately seek martyrdom while killing Jews.

Open Letter to Ice Cube

Goodman and Schwerner are not the only Jews to have given their all to free the blacks. The history of Jewish labor leaders helping black workers is vast and well worth looking into. Your anti-Semitic memes on Twitter suggest that you are unaware of the heroic actions of Jews putting their lives on the line for their black brothers.

Larry’s Letters: Your Claim that Jesus was a Palestinian

As a Jewish person who is well aware of the Palestinian effort to delegitimize Israel, and your role in this hoped for erasure, I can tell you that you that it doesn’t make any difference what nonsense you spew.

Larry’s Letters: Ethnic Cleansing

I am very happy that you oppose ethnic cleansing and would ask that you issue a statement criticizing the proposed ethnic cleansing of Jews living in the West Bank who according to statements from Palestinian officials will not be allowed to live there after the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Larry’s Letters: ‘Farha’: PHOEEY

Review: A Most Brutal Coming-of-Age Story, Beatrice Loayz, Dec. 1 New York Times

Larry’s Letters: Message Sent to Numerous NBC Executives

This is not the first time MSNBC chose to offer negative opinions on Israel. This leads me to wonder if MSNBC’s editorial policy is to represent the interest of the Palestinian Arabs with little desire to provide Israel’s position

Larry’s Letters: Jerusalem IS the Capital of Israel

Maintaining that East Jerusalem, indeed all of Jerusalem, is not Israel's capital until the Palestinians are satisfied gives terrorist groups like Hamas a veto over Australia's foreign policy.

A Jewish Perspective

The Short Version of a VERY long history

Larry’s Letters: Re: Withholding Aid to Israel to Stop Settlement Construction

You can’t penalize Israel and sit on your hands while the Palestinian government uses U.S. financial aid to reward its people for killing Israelis.


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