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Israel Should Not Be Negotiating with Mahmoud Abbas

4 Shevat 5774 – January 5, 2014
Mahmoud Abbas tortured prisoners in PA custody and oppressed critical bloggers and journalists.

Tekhelet: a Choice or an Imperative?

2 Shevat 5774 – January 3, 2014
While tekhelet is a biblical commandment, it’s one full of "buts" that bring me up short.

Arabs Partners against Obama-Kerry ‘Land Swap’ Idea

”This is a bizarre proposal which relates to Arab citizens as chess pieces."

Social Engineering at the Agudah Convention

1 Shevat 5774 – January 1, 2014
The IDF Haredi draft is "a cynical attempt at social engineering."

Personal Holocaust, Central Data Base

"The Holocaust was not six million. It was one plus one plus one."

‘Moderate’ Malaysia: Sharia Police Hunt Down Christians who Say ‘Allah’

Selangor Perkasa chief Abu Bakar Yahya said it was inappropriate for non-Muslims to use the word.

The Proper Response to the ASA Boycott of Israel

28 Tevet 5774 – December 31, 2013
What data was the ASA using to justify its boycott?

100 Years to Tekhelet Research

The conference was in part a commemoration of Rav Herzog.

In Israel We Trade Terrorists Wholesale

This is apparently some kind of good-will gesture to the Palestinians.

Wisdom that Comes from the Young…

28 Tevet 5774 – December 30, 2013
As a woman, I am very sensitive to comparing rape to...well, virtually anything.

As the World Turns…

Social media will, in the long run, hinder us, as we mistake Facebook comments for agents of growth.

Violent Video Celebrating Fatah’s Terror Anniversary

The visuals show the importance of violence for the culture of Fatah.

A Life Not With Standing, Inspirational Memoir

When Chavi was stricken with Polio, children didn't have many rights.

He Might Possibly Maybe Have Said What?? I’m Outraged!!

26 Tevet 5774 – December 29, 2013
I wish there were a publication and verification process for gedolim.

American Logic (Eldertoons)

It all makes perfect sense if you are schizophrenic.

Beit Shemesh Victorious!

24 Tevet 5774 – December 26, 2013
Court says the democratic process had been undermined.

There’s No Such Thing as Judeo-Christian Values

The label “Judeo-Christian” tends to assume, at the expense of Judaism, that Christians and Jews believe essentially the same things.

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