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The Privilege of Witnessing our Heritage and History

29 Elul 5775 – September 13, 2015
"History repeats itself" especially when referring to the hatred of Jews, our history & our heritage

September 11 and the Forgotten Lessons

28 Elul 5775 – September 11, 2015
Today, I cry for an America that has forgotten the lessons of 9/11 by supporting a terrorist regime

Why I’m Not Going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

We prayed for 2,000 years to return home to Israel, does it make sense to leave the Holy Land on RH?

Arabs Prefer Israeli Right to Left

27 Elul 5775 – September 10, 2015
My experience with Arabs is clear: Most prefer us settlers in Judea/Samaria to Israeli Leftists

A Response to South African Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein

JoeSettler says Rabbi Goldstein made a beautiful case for Israel, but South Africa is the disease, and Israel is the cure...

The Government of Israel Must First Protect our Nation

25 Elul 5775 – September 9, 2015
My Rosh HaShana wish is for Israel's government to properly ensure the safety&security of our Nation

Get On The Bus, Gus

25 Elul 5775 – September 8, 2015
As an underqualified but highly motivated Aliyah tour guide, I thought I’d give my perspective on the transportation system here in Israel. Please read...

A Whimsical City

Jerusalem, where one is blessed by beggars, large lions line streets, & umbrellas hang from heaven.

Arab Stone Throwers are Murderers!‏

24 Elul 5775 – September 7, 2015
Israelis of all ages have been murdered or seriously injured by such rocks thrown in terror attacks.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Normalcy

Judaism's only way for survival is through "normalcy" by the mainstream discrediting the extremes

School Daze: The Story of a Rocket

Though it missed, the rocket's story is simple: It had 1 target-our children-on school's opening day

2016: American President Can Be ANYBODY But a Democrat!

22 Elul 5775 – September 6, 2015
Not only is the Democratic Party a danger to the State of Israel, it's a danger to the United States

Emes Ve-Emunah: Is Objectifying Women Human Nature?

In dating women are seen 1st as objects; people 2nd regardless of claims to contrary from any group.

A Tzaddik in Sodom

20 Elul 5775 – September 4, 2015
One Arab man stood apart from his neighbors and saved the lost American Jewish tourists from being lynched.

American Presidential Wannabes, Israel Next Stop?

18 Elul 5775 – September 2, 2015
Jews & Israel will have a smaller role and value in the 2016 Pres. election campaign than in decades

Emes Ve-Emunah: Note to Congress: Vote Down This Deal

18 Elul 5775 – September 1, 2015
No one wants war; sometimes there's no choice. Sometimes it's the lesser of 2 evils. US must prepare

Insane! Israeli Laws Endanger Soldiers and Civilians!‏

Despite many IDF soldiers jailed for defending themselves, families say,"Rather jailed than dead."
Someone should alert this man: Dani Dayan, Chairman of the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council.

The Time for Righteous Judgment

Why won't the gov't finally annex YESHA & Jordan Valley formalizing their status in State of Israel?

Connect To Disconnect

16 Elul 5775 – August 31, 2015
Both "Half-Shabbat" & R’ Yosef's opinion champion an extreme. There most certainly is a happy medium

In Democracy There’s No “Right and Wrong”‏

Trump's slogan and story gives American restores hope to dream to: "Make America Great Again"

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