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    The Jews’ Fate in Post-Morsi Egypt

    For Egypt’s tiny Jewish community, improvements remain scarce since Morsi's demise.

    Ancient Mosaic Depicting Samson Uncovered in a Galilee Synagogue

    Excavations in a late Roman era synagogue at Huqoq in Israel’s eastern lower Galilee have uncovered a new mosaic depicting the biblical hero and...

    Garin Tzabar: Helping Lone Soldiers Feel At Home In Israel

    Israel’s Garin Tzabar program, supporting ‘lone soldiers’ with no family in Israel, recently welcomed close to 360 young women and men from around the world into its care.

    Ex-Jordanian Spy: Abdullah is Anti-Israel

    Ouni Abed Botrous Hadaddeen compares the Jordanian king to Yasser Arafat, claiming that Abdullah to is two faced.

    The ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ is Anti-Israel & Anti-Peace

    The JVP claims to be a Jewish movement that values peace but instead promotes the BDS Movement, supports the "Palestinian right of return," and works to undermine true peace and security for Israel.

    An Epic Ethiopian Aliyah Story

    As bad as the situation was in Ethiopia, Asher said that the situation got even worse when the Ethiopian Jews arrived in Sudan.

    Rich Legacy of the Sephardic Jews of Muslim Spain

    “Themes of exile and redemption are central to Jewish poetry, reaching new heights of poetic expression in the works of the Golden Age of Spain.”

    Iranians Citizens Increasingly Support Peace with Israel

    Ahmadi criticizes Iranian leadership’s view of Israel as “little Satan” to the US’ “big Satan.”

    What Matters Most Is Egypt Maintain Peace with Israel

    Dr. Mordechai Kedar: I’m not expecting hugs and kisses. All we need is that the peace agreement will be kept and implemented.

    Video: Jerusalem’s Best-Kept Secret

    Until you come to see it in person, enjoy Jerusalem’s Botanical Garden virtually via this video!

    Israeli Terror Victims Oppose Releasing Terrorists for Negotiations

    Most Israeli terror victims oppose releasing convicted Palestinian terrorists, viewing it as a fruitless attempt to save lives.

    Muslim Zionist Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism

    Hafeez believes that the most important thing to do in dealing with Muslim antisemitism in the United Kingdom is to acknowledge the problem.

    Iranians Hack United with Israel ‘Stop Iran’ Initiative

    The motivation for the attack seems to have been UWI’s success in reaching millions.

    The Rich Jewish History of Tiberias

    Tiberias became known as one of the four holiest cities in the Jewish religion

    Haifa Since Biblical Times

    The Jewish history of Haifa extends from the present day back thousands of years to Israel’s ancient past.

    Rich Jewish Heritage at Embattled Joseph’s Tomb

    “The bones of Joseph which the Children of Israel brought up from Egypt were buried in Shechem in the portion of the field that had been purchased by Jacob.”

    Spanish Government Funds Anti-Israel NGOS

    The four organizations listed are just a sampling of the types of groups supported by the Spanish government.

    Record Number of Children Arriving on Aliyah Today

    Get out the lollipops: Nefesh B’Nefesh reports today’s El Al Flight LY 3004 has more children aboard than any previous group flight.

    Faces of Israel: Nachman Klieman, Founder of U-Boutique

    As someone who lives on the front line of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Klieman has personal experience when it comes to Palestinian terrorism.

    Standing in Solidarity with the Turkish People

    The present situation in Turkey illustrates perfectly the lack of freedom that exists within the country.

    Medieval Jews Fleeing Persecution Took Refuge in Ottoman Empire

    Turkey became home to Jews expelled from Hungary in 1376, from France in 1394, and from Sicily in the early 15th century.

    Keep Jerusalem United!

    A Jewish withdrawal from East Jerusalem would make the situation in Sderot look like paradise.

    Turkish-Muslim TV Commentator Goes to Bat for Israel

    Despite the risks, Ozbudak believes that 'someone should speak up and say the truth, so others can follow.'

    By the Law Among Nations, Jerusalem Belongs to Us

    Jordan’s annexation of the East Jerusalem was never recognized by the international community.

    Learning Peace Through Soccer

    According to Sivan Hendel of the Peres Center for Peace, 'Sports is an international language.'

    Turkish Israeli Leaders Speak Out About Turkish Spring

    Two prominent Turkish Israeli communal leaders speak out about events in Turkey. According to Eyal Peretz, chairman of Arkadash, an organization promoting...

    Tel Aviv: Protestors Gather in Solidarity with the Turkish People

    Some of the protesters are so dedicated to the cause that they have even gone to Turkey in recent days in order to show solidarity.

    Senior PA Official: All of Israel Is Occupied Palestine

    Rajoub is not the exception, but rather the rule regarding official Palestinian Authority views of the State of Israel.


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